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Burn After Reading

CastGeorge Clooney, Frances McDormand, John Malkovich, Tilda Swinton, Richard Jenkins, Brad Pitt
Year released2008
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CIA official Peck tells CIA analyst Osborne Cox, "You have a drinking problem." 
Osborne: ”I have a drinking problem?” 
”I have a drinking problem?” 
Osborne tells Peck, ”Next to you, we all have a drinking problem... Let’s be honest. I mean let us be... honest... I have a drinking problem.” (0:02)

Osborne tells U.S. Marshal worker Harry Pffarrar, "That sounds like something you should be telling your psychiatrist." 
Harry: ”I don’t have a psychiatrist.” (0:05)

His pediatrician wife Katie asks Osborne, "Aphasia kicked in?" (0:07)

A plastic surgeon tells gym fitness coach Linda Litzke, "So you don’t want a sex change." (0:16)

By telephone, Linda tells a health plan representative, “I was told that I needed pre-approval for these surgeries.” (0:20)

Linda asks her boss, “Ted, can I talk to you about our Mickey Mouse HMO?” (0:25)

Linda asks Ted, "Then why do they have us on this cockamamie health plan?..." (0:28)

By telephone, fitness coach Chad tells Osborne, "... I thought you might be worried..." 
Osborne: ”Worried?” 
”... little rapport with his staff, ... moron...” 
Chad: ”... why so uptight...?” (0:33)

Harry tells his author wife Sandy, "I’m crazy about you, baby." (0:37)

Attorney Bogus tells Katie, "Tony Bennett... Tony sang... Tony Bennett..." (0:38)

Harry tells Linda, "... It’s muscle memory..." (0:41)

Osborne punches Chad in the nose. (0:45)

Osborne yells: "... lunatic. You... morons." (0:45)

Ted tells Linda and Chad, "... Manolo running around like crazy..." (0:48)

Harry tells Katie, referring to Osborne, "... I think he's an arrogant little geek..." (0:50)

CIA agent Hal: "Look, Ozzie, I hate to be the paranoid old spook..." (0:53)

Harry shoots Chad in the head. (1:02)

CIA chief tells Palmer, referring to the FBI, "We don’t want those idiots bumbling around on this." (1:07)

Linda tells Ted, "I know you’re trustworthy..." (1:08)

By telephone, Linda tells Russian official Krapotkin, "I’m very worried about my associate..." (1:10)

Katie tells Harry, "You seem distracted." 
”Very distracted...” (1:11)

By telephone, Osborne tells a bank representative, "... I don’t spend my entire day sitting around trying to memorize the... numbers... to my... bank accounts... moron." (1:17)

Ted tells Linda, "Linda, this whole thing’s crazy. It was crazy the first time..." (1:18)

Harry tells Linda, "I’m just depressed." (1:19)

By telephone, Katie tells her receptionist, "I’m with a patient." 
Osborne: ”And it’s the same... patient she’s been with since yesterday?” (1:21)

Harry tells Linda, “I’m through banging my head against the wall...”
"... I had a shock recently..." 
"Now I told myself that I wasn’t going to be paranoid..." (1:21)

Osborne tells Ted, "... You represent the idiocy of today." 
”... you’re the guy at the gym when I asked about that moronic woman.” 
Ted: ”She’s not a moron.” 
Osborne: ”You’re in league with that moronic woman. You’re part of a league of morons.” 
”Yes, you see, you’re one of the morons I’ve been fighting my whole life...” 
Osborne strikes Ted on the head with an ax. (1:27)

Palmer tells his CIA superior, referring to Osborne, "No, sir, he’s in a coma..." 
Manager: ”If he wakes up, we’ll worry about it then...” (1:29)

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