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Butterfield 8

Elizabeth Taylor, Laurence Harvey, Eddie Fisher, Dina Merrill, Mildred Dunnock, Betty Field, Jeffrey Lynn, Susan Oliver
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Her friend musician Steve tells call girl Gloria , "I hear he's a lush."
Gloria: "Funny thing, I don't even remember going there. Better than sleeping pills."
Steve: "I'm sick of... finding you boozed up..." (0:13)

Steve asks Gloria, "What did your analyst say about all this?"
Gloria: "If I were intelligent, I wouldn't need a psychiatrist." (0:17)

Gloria tells lawyer Weston, "You're liable to end up psychologically famous."
"But I tell my psychiatrist everything..."
Weston: "But why you need a psychiatrist?" (0:42)

Steve's girlfriend Norma asks him, "Do we keep a spare room where she can sleep off for hangovers?" (0:47)

Weston's mother-in-law tells her daughter Emily, "You're not running a mission for lost egos." (0:56)

Gloria's psychoanalyst Dr. Tredman tells her, "Don't try to analyze me." (1:04)

Gloria tells Steve, "I've been chained to the wall of the sanitarium." (1:07)

Motel owner Happy tells Gloria, "... in one restraining sheet in the psychopathic ward in Bellevue." (1:16)

Weston tells Emily, referring to his drinking, "Don't worry Emily, it's not alcoholism." (1:17)

One restaurant patron tells another after hitting Weston, "I just must have gone berserk I guess." (1:23)

Weston grief stricken over Gloria's death. (1:46)