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The Butterfly Effect

Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart, Melora Walters, Elden Henson, William Lee Scott, Eric Stoltz, Logan Lerman, Ethan Suplee, Nathaniel de Veaux, Kevin G. Schmidt
Ivan Pavlov | cocaine | marijuana
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Psychiatrist Dr. Redfield tells Andrea Treborn referring to her son Evan, “I’m sure the test results will come back negative, but there’s something else you can do to monitor his memory.”
Referring to a journal: “It could help jog his memory.” (0:05)

Evan appears to have lost all memory for the moments prior to Andrea confronting him. (0:06)

Evan experiences another episodic memory loss.
His friend Tommy’s father George tells him, “Quit acting like some damn retard...” (0:07)

Dr. Redfield tells Andrea, referring to Evan, “If I was to guess, I’d say the blackouts are stress related.”
Andrea: ”What kind of stress can a 7-year-old have?”
Redfield: ”You said the last time the blackouts occurred he was visiting his friend’s father.”
”We can arrange... a careful dose of sedatives for Jason... no more missing father complex.” (0:08)

Evan writes in his journal, referring to his father, “His name is Jason, and he’s crazy.”

Burial of Jason in a cemetery (0:10)

Tommy, referring to his friend: “Oh, for Christ’s sake, Lenny, you moron, just do it.” (0:12)

Tommy tells Andrea, “... Lenny freaked out.”
Evan tells Andrea, “I blacked it out.”
Andrea: “Don’t try to use your blackouts to get out of this one.” (0:14)

Redfield hypnotizes Evan. (0:14)

Theater marquee: “SE7EN, “DUMB & DUMBER” (0:16)

Tommy’s sister Kayleigh shows him bruises inflicted by George. (0:18)

Evan awakens in another blackout. (0:23)

Evan asks Professor Carter, “Was it Pavlov that conditioned his dog to lick his nuts?”
Carter: “Typical psych major... Are you still planning to change the way we humble scientists view memory assimilation?” (0:25)

Evan tells his dormitory roommate Thumper, “Seven years, no blackouts.” (0:27)

Thumper tells a girl, referring to Evan, “He’s got the fetish.”
Evan: “It’s a psych project actually. It’s a study on memory loss.”
”Well, if I can tell how the memories of a simple worm function...” (0:27)

Evan appears to recover the memory of a traumatic event. (0:31, 0:36)

Several of Evan’s journals with bookmarks labeled “Blackout”
He reads from one: “The last thing I remember before the blackout was...” (0:34)

Andrea tells Evan, referring to Jason, “It was the one area his memory never failed him.”
”Did he ever say that he, like, figured out a way to recall his lost memories years after he blacked them out in the first place?”
Andrea: ”I couldn’t tell if they were real memories...” (0:37)

Thumper tells Evan, “Maybe there’s a reason you repressed the day some pervert had you in your tighty-whities.” (0:38)

Evan asks Kayleigh, “Remember when we were kids, and I used to have those blackouts?”
”Well, some of those memories have been coming back to me...”
Kayleigh: ”You come all the way back here to stir up my shit just because you have a bad memory?’ (0:42)

Thumper smokes a water pipe. (0:44)

Evan listens to voicemail from Tommy, referring to Kayleigh: “She... killed herself tonight.” (0:45)

Burial of Kayleigh in a cemetery (0:45)

Evan writes in his journal: “... maybe my father wasn’t as crazy as everyone thought.. (0:46)

Evan tells George, “The first door will forever traumatize your own flesh and blood.”
“It’ll change your daughter... into an empty shell whose only concept of trust was betrayed by her own sick pedophile father. Ultimately, it’ll lead to her suicide.”
Referring to Tommy: “... the kid is one sadistic pup.” (0:48)

Kayleigh’s sorority sister Gwen: “Seriously, Evan, lay off the blow.” (0:52)

Evan tells Kayleigh, “... don’t freak out when I ask you this...”
Kayleigh: “Why would that freak me out?” (0:52)

Carter: “... there’s only two more weeks until your psych projects are due.” (0:54)

Evan tells Kayleigh, “I’m kind of freaking out.” (1:02)

Evan tells Kayleigh, referring to Tommy, “He’s a... maniac.” (1:04)

His cellmate Carlos tells Evan, “I knew you were crazy, man.” (1:11)

Carlos, tells Evan, “You need to see the prison shrink, man.”
”I thought you were... crazy, man.” (1:11)

Kayleigh: “Evan, you’re acting crazy.” (1:15)

Evan finds his friend Lenny in restraints. (1:19)

Evan reads from his journal, “His name is Jason, and he’s crazy.” (1:20)

Kayleigh covers drug paraphernalia on a table. (1:24)

Kayleigh tells Evan, “... then maybe Lenny wouldn’t freak out and ruin my family.” (1:27)

Evan reads his journal: “The last thing I remember before the blackout was...” (1:28)

Tommy, referring to Evan: “Idiot.” (1:28)

Evan: “What’s the point of psych class now.” (1:31)

Evan tries to drown himself.
He tells Tommy, “I can’t even... kill myself.” (1:35)

Man: “I’ve got no choice but to commit you to Sunnyvale...”
Evan wakes up in a hospital room. (1:40)

Evan behind a psychology study guide (1:46)

By telephone Evan tells Andrea, “Yeah, I had to finish up with the patients.” (1:47)

Reference in Hot Tub Time Machine