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Cabin Boy

Chris Elliott, Ritch Brinkley, James Gammon, Brian Doyle-Murray, Brion James, Melora Walters, I.M. Hobson, Alex Nevil, David H. Sterry, Bob Elliott, Jim Cummings, David Letterman, Ann Magnuson, Russ Tamblyn, Ricki Lake, Andy Richter
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Finishing school graduate Nathaniel tells his driver, “Oh, that was so nice, you moron.”
”Not that slow, imbecile.” (0:06)

Nathaniel tells cabin boy Kenny, “Pipe down, you imbecile.” (0:14)

Capt. Greybar: “We got us a half-crazed boat hopper.”
Nathaniel: “... and you’re just stage actors pretending to be filthy drunkards.”
Crewman Big Teddy: ”This moron got on the wrong boat.” (0:17)

Nathaniel tells crewman Paps, referring to his father, “I’m afraid he’ll become despondent and turn a pistol upon himself.”
”Is there not one person on this boat who’s not monstrously insane? Oh, it’s maddening.” (0:20)

Nathaniel: “Kenneth, your captain has been under a great deal of stress lately...” (0:21)

Greybar tells the crew, “As you all know, there’s only one island in Hell’s Bucket, and I for one am not crazy about landing there.”
Crewman Skunk: “Yeah, well I ain’t crazy about sittin’ on a boat till she sinks...” (0:28)

Nathaniel tells the crew he’s “Not crazy about the idea.” (0:32)

Nathaniel: “Well, you know most people would think they were insane if they saw something like that...”
”Nathaniel Mayweather has lost his mind.” (0:34)

Greybar: “Oh lord, spare me another one of these insanities.”
Nathaniel: “They ought to rename this place Wackyville, ooh, ‘cause it’s wacky.” (0:38)

Paps: “All this anxiety from being in a strange and mysterious land is giving me gas.” (0:39)

Greybar tells Nathaniel, “I come from six generations of seamen, all with the same goal in life: Catch fish, sell ‘em, get drunk, and get laid.” (0:41)

Nathaniel, referring to a woman floating in the sea: “Every instinct in my lower half tells me the Holy Father has preordained our meeting.”
Swimmer Trina: ”You idiot...” (0:42)

Trina: “So this is what you guys do for fun? Humiliate an imbecile.” (0:46)

Trina tells Nathaniel, “I’m always flattered when a psychotic becomes smitten with me.” (0:49)

Greybar orders Nathaniel, “Okay, moron, you go stand in the bow...” (0:51)

Big Ted, referring to Nathaniel: “Crazy kid, huh.” (0:53)

Nathaniel tells the other, referring to Trina, “She seems totally uninterested in me, despite my smothering obsessiveness.” (0:56)

Cali tells Nathaniel, “You’ve managed to charm me with your moronic innocence.” (1:01)

Trina tells Nathaniel, “You look so strong, confidant, not nearly as idiotic.” (1:02)

Trina tells Nathaniel, referring to the crew, “Those idiots are leaving us here.” (1:05)

Nathaniel: “Paps, you’ve been like the drunken, abusive grandfather I never had.” (1:12)

Nathaniel asks Trina, “Are you drunk or something?” (1:13)

His father William tells Nathaniel, “You’re delirious.”
”You’re out of your mind.” (1:14)

Nathaniel tells Trina, “That would be insane.” (1:15)