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Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight, Michael O'Keefe, Bill Murray, Sarah Holcomb, Scott Colomby, Cindy Morgan, Dan Resin, Henry Wilcoxon
David Berkowitz | Chevy Chase | Cary Grant | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana
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Ty asks caddy Danny, “Do you take drugs Danny?” (0:05)

Supervisor Lou tells the caddies, “There’ve been a lot of complaints... smoking grass...”
”Carl Lipbaum died last week in summer school from a severe anxiety attack.” (0:15)

The judge’s niece Lacey tells golfer Ty, “Oh, I enjoy... going to bullfights on acid...” (0:34)

Ty tells Danny, “Don’t be obsessed with your desires, Danny.” (0:38)

Mrs. Smails swoons when she sees assistant greens keeper Carl eat a candy bar. (0:48)

Lacey tells Ty, “You’re crazy.”
Ty: “That’s what they said about Son of Sam.” (0:52)

Spaulding and his friends smoke joints. Spaulding: “You’re probably so high already you don’t even know it.”
Dr. Beeper tells him, “Hey, man, save me a toke.” (0:53)

Lesley asks Danny, “Hey Cary Grant, you wanna get high?” (0:54)

Smails yells, “Get back you idiot.” (0:57)

Danny: “Maggie, you flippin’ out?” (1:11)

Carl tells Ty, “People say I’m an idiot or something...”
Carl: “This is a cross, bluegrass... northern California sensimilla. The amazing stuff about this is that you can play 36 holes on it in the afternoon, take it home and just get stoned to the bejesus belt that night on this stuff.”
”I got the big Bob Marley joint.”
He hands a huge joint to Ty who says, “Well, maybe one drag, then I gotta go.”
Carl tells Ty, “Here, cannonball it.” and hands him a bottle of wine.
“Cannonball it right back. Then one more of these right on top of it. Cannonball! Cannonball coming. Cannonball coming.”
“You’ve been acting psychotically lately.”
Ty: “Thanks for the dope.” (1:16)