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Cafe de Flore

Vanessa Paradis, Kevin Parent, Hélène Florent, Evelyne Brochu, Marin Gerrier, Alice Dubois, Evelyne de la Chenelière, Michel Dumont, Linda Smith, Joanny Corbeil-Picher
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Jacqueline tells her son Laurent’s father, “His son is born handicapped.” (0:11)

Antoine tells his story to a psychotherapist in a psychotherapy session. (0:15, 0:36)

Her boss tells hairdresser Jacqueline, referring to Laurent, “You’ll make him crazy with all those classes.”
Jacqueline: “He learns by imitation, idiot!” (0:21)

Antoine awakens and thinks he sees Caroline, but when he looks again she has disappeared. (0:33)

Antoine asks Carole, “Still sleepwalking?” (0:34)

Her friend Amélie asks Carole, “Is he having a relapse?” (0:35)

Antoine: “Stoner’s nonsense, right?” (0:39)

Antoine, referring to his wife and girls: “Three nutcases.”
”Lock'em in the loony bin.” (0:41)

Antoine tells the psychotherapist, “When she was afraid I’d relapse she called my mother to subtly let her know I wasn’t well... The day after I asked him to come to a meeting with me.”
“So we went to a meeting because we thought the other needed it.” (0:44)

Antoine, referring to a meeting: “I hate AA meetings.” (0:45)

AA meeting. Antoine talks to the psychotherapist. (0:49)

Jacqueline tells Laurent, and Amélie tells Carole, “I love you, you crazy nut.” (0:57)

Jacqueline tells Laurent’s friend Véronique’s mother, referring to Laurent, “He might panic.” (1:16)

Jacqueline tells Laurent’s teacher/principle, “I won’t place my son with retards.” (1:21)

Jacqueline tells Véronique’s parents, “You’re crazy.” (1:22)

Antoine asks his daughter, “Are you crazy?”
His daughter: “You’re crazy.” (1:24)

Antoine tells Carole, “The girls say you’re sleepwalking a lot.” (1:27)

Carole tells Amélie, “What’s weird is I only dream of him when I’m high.”
Amélie: “Since when do you take drugs?”
“I smoke the odd joint before going to bed.”
Amélie: ”She gets stoned before going to bed.” (1:29)

Carole tells Amélie, “I’m not the only one smoking good weed.” (1:33)

Jacqueline tells Laurent, “You’re crazy.” (1:34)

Amélie tells Carole, “You’re such an idiot.” (1:35)

His father Lucien prays for Antoine: “Before he becomes another imbecile who destroys his family for good.” (1:40)

Rose, waving a drug packet, asks Antoine, “How ‘bout we treat ourselves to a relapse, just once?” (1:42)

After taking pills Carole smokes a joint. (1:43)

Antoine holds the packet of drug. (1:45)

Antoine flushes the packet down the toilet. Rose tells him, “I’m obsessing.” (1:47)

Jacqueline crashes her car, killing herself, Laurent and Véronique. (1:50)