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Café Society (2016)

Jeannie Berlin, Steve Carell, Jesse Eisenberg, Blake Lively, Parker Posey, Kristen Stewart, Corey Stoll, Ken Stott
Adolf Hitler | Woody Allen
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Narrator: “Religion is the opium of the people.” (0:04)

Poster for Swing Time (0:06)

Prostitute Candy tells would-be actor Bobby, “Hey, look, you’re nervous, and now you’re making me nervous.”
”I’m not nervous to go to bed.”
”I’m not in the mood.” (0:10)

His talent agent uncle Phil tells Bobby, “It’s all about ego. This whole town runs on ego.” (0:13)

Theater marquis: “The Woman in Red” (0:19)

Partier Sol tells Mike, “I hear Louis is going absolutely out of his mind...” (0:22)

Bobby tells modeling agency manager Rad, “Sorry, I think I’m a little drunk.” (0:24)

Phil tells his secretary Vonnie, “With excitement, I hope, not anxiety.” (0:28)

Bobby’s sister Evelyn writes to Bobby, “I understand you met some girl you’re crazy about.” (0:29)

Narrator, referring to Bobby’s brother Ben: “Now he and his partners owned the Club Hangover.” (0:30)

Bobby tells Rad, “I keep deluding myself.” (0:31)

Phil tells Bobby, “I became hooked.” (0:40)

Vonnie tells Bobby, “I was in the mood.”
Bobby: ”I’ve made you nervous...” (0:42)

Vonnie tells Phil, “I’m very confused.”
Phil: ”I will kill myself...” (0:46)

Bobby tells Phil, referring to Vonnie, “... I think she’s gotten a little nervous lately. No, she’s just nervous...” (0:49) 

Bobby’s sister’s husband Leonard, referring to their next door neighbor: “He kicked his wife out... but he’s a lunatic.”
Evelyn: “We live next door to a crazy man.” (0:53)

His public relations worker date Veronica tells Bobby, “I would have married him, but he was a dope addict.”
Bobby: “I don’t like dope.”
Veronica: “We smoked reefers.”
”I even tried opium once.”
Bobby: “What was the effect.”
Veronica: “I don’t have an addictive personality.”
”But muggles made me feel sexy.”
Bobby: “Sorry, muggles?”
Veronica: “The reefers.”
Bobby: ”What, you call them... you call them muggles.”
”You should have saved some of the muggles.” (0:59)

Evelyn tells Ben, referring to her neighbor Joe, “They called the police... and then last week he gets drunk..”
”He’s a crazy man, and my husband keeps deluding himself into thinking that he’s gonna listen to reason.” (1:04)

Narrator, referring to guests at Bobby’s club: “... And the Remsens, about whom it was said had stayed a week in Berlin at the home of Adolf Hitler. (1:06)

Bobby tells the others, “I didn’t expect such a madhouse here tonight.” (1:10)

Bobby tells Vonnie, “Life is a comedy, written by a sadistic comedy writer...” (1:15)

Veronica tells Bobby, “Well, you’ve been in a very up mood all week...” (1:16)

Evelyn tells the others, “Somebody had to deal with that crazy next door.” (1:21)

Bobby, referring to Evelyn, “I think she’s going to have a nervous breakdown.”
Bobby’s jeweler father Marty: “Well, she’s driving me crazy.” (1:22)

Bobby spreads Ben’s ashes. (1:25)