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The Caine Mutiny

Humphrey Bogart, Fred MacMurray, Van Johnson, José Ferrer, Robert Francis, Tom Tully, E.G. Marshall, Arthur Franz, Lee Marvin, Warner Anderson, Claude Akins, Jerry Paris, Steve Brodie
Sigmund Freud
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Lt. Maryk tells Ensign Keith, referring to the Caine, “So the first thing you’ve got to learn about this ship is that she was designed by geniuses to be run by idiots.” (0:13)

Ensign Harding tells Keith, “Height bothers me.” (0:15)

Capt. Queeg tells the helmsman, “You idiot!” (0:37)

Keith tells his girlfriend May, “Don’t look at me as if I were crazy.” (0:46)

Queeg tells Lt. Maryk, “You’re crazy.” (0:52)

Lt. Keefer asks Maryk, “Has the thought ever occurred to you that our captain might be unbalanced?”
”I’m no psychiatrist, but I know something about abnormal behavior. Capt. Queeg has every symptom of acute paranoia.”
Referring to Keith: “He studies psychology in college.”
Keefer tells Maryk, referring to Queeg, “He’s a Freudian delight. He crawls with clues -- fixation on the little rolling balls...”
Maryk: “That doesn’t make them crazy.”
Keefer: “Do you agree with my diagnosis of Queeg?”
Maryk: “There’ll be no more talk about the captain being crazy.”
Keefer: “I still insist he’s a paranoia case.” (0:59)

Maryk writes, “This log is being started because... the commander of this ship may be mentally disturbed.” (1:01)

Queeg: “Keith, you’re an idiot.” (1:04)

Keefer tells Maryk, “Queeg is a paranoid, or there’s no such thing as paranoia.”
”Would anyone but a crazy man do it?”
”If I were you, Steve, I’d memorize it.” (1:10)

Harding tells the other officers, “Boy, am I happy to get out of this madhouse.” (1:13)

Maryk asks Keefer, “Is the captain off his head, or isn’t he?” (1:16)

Dedicated to USNavy Aviation Storekeeper First Class Richard Askern

Maryk tells Keith, referring to Keefer, “I never even heard the word ‘paranoid’ before he pulled it on me.” (1:17)

Queeg tells Maryk, referring to Petty Officer Stillwell, “Keep that idiot’s face out of my sight.” (1:21)

Keefer tells Navy lawyer Lt. Greenwald, referring to Queeg, “He had a paranoid skipper who went to pieces while the ship was in danger...”
Queeg: “The Navy has three psychiatrists who are prepared to testify that Capt. Queeg is completely sane.”
Keefer: ”Sure, paranoid’s are clever. They walk a thin dividing line between sanity and lunacy.”
Greenwald: “Are you a psychiatrist, Mr. Keefer?”
”And you were the first one to notice the captain’s psychotic symptoms?”
Keefer: “That’s confusing the issue.”
Greenwald: “It’s too bad we can’t use you as an expert on psychiatry. After all, you made the diagnosis.” (1:30)

Prosecutor Challee: “We will also submit qualified psychiatric testimony establish without a doubt that Lt. Commander Queeg is a sane, intelligent officer and should not have been relieved.”(1:33)

Challee asks Keith, “Did the captain rave or make insane gestures?”
”After being relieved, did the captain go violently crazy?”
Keith: “There are other forms of mental illness.”
Challee: “Was your decision to obey Mr. Maryk based upon your judgement that the captain had gone crazy...?” (1:34)

Challee, examining Stillwell: “Did the captain act crazy?”
”Did Mr. Maryk act crazy?” (1:36)

Challee: “Mr. Keefer, during all the period Capt Queeg was in command of the Caine, did you ever observe any evidence of insanity in him?”
Keefer: “I’m afraid I can’t answer that question intelligently, not being a psychiatrist.”
”Mr. Keefer, did you ever have any reason to think Capt. Queeg might be insane?”
”Mr. Keefer, at any time prior to the 31st of July did you know that Mr. Maryk suspected Capt. Queeg of being mentally ill?” (1:38)

Challee: “Doctor, may I ask you as a psychiatrist, is it possible for a sane man to perform offensive or foolish acts?”
”Assuming... would that be inconsistent with your diagnosis of him?”
Dr. Dickson: “We found an absence of mental illness.”
”From a psychiatric standpoint, completely unjustified.”
Greenwald cross examines Dickson: “Doctor, you have testified that the following symptoms exist in Lt. Cmdr. Queeg’s behavior: rigidity of personality, feelings of persecution, unreasonable suspicion, a mania for perfection, and a neurotic certainty that he is always in the right. Doctor, isn’t there one psychiatric term for this illness?”
”What would you call a personality that had all these symptoms?”
Dickson: “A paranoid personality, but that is not a disabling illness.”
Dickson: “There’s a big difference between real mental illness and minor mental disturbances.”
Greenwald: “Could Capt. Queeg have been disabled by the severe strain of command?”
Challee: “Now in private practice, did you ever have patients who had to deal with complicated command decisions?”
”And in those cases could you detect where the neurosis might damage the ability to make decisions correctly and at the right time?”
”And in your examination of Lt. Cmdr. Queeg you found no such damage...” (1:41)

Maryk, on the witness stand: “Capt. Queeg was sick, mentally ill...”
Challee: “What training have you had in psychiatry or medicine?”
”Where did you get the idea that Capt. Queeg was mentally ill?”
”Mr. Maryk, define ‘schizophrenia.’”
”What is a manic depressive?”
”What’s the difference between the words ‘paranoid’ and ‘paranoia.?’”
”In truth, then, Mr. Maryk, you don’t know what you’re talking about when you discuss mental illness.”
”But doctors... have found that the captain wasn’t mentally ill, haven’t they?”
”If the diagnosis of expert doctors is correct, then you’re guilty as charge, aren’t you?” (1:45)

Capt. Queeg on the stand, referring to Maryk: “Maybe he thought I was crazy to keep trying.”
”Lt. Maryk, however, went into a panic and ran amok. He acted under the delusion that he and he alone could save the ship.”
Greenwald addresses the judges: “He thinks the report of the psychiatrist closes the case...”
Challee: “The witness is understandably agitated by this ordeal...”
Queeg: “Naturally, I can only recover these things from memory...” (1:48)

Maryk asks Greenwald, “What are you Barney, kind of tight?”
Greenwald: “Tough, sharp guys, who didn’t crack up like Queeg.”
Lt. J.G. Paynter: “You said yourself he cracked.”
Greenwald tells Keefer, ”I’m a lot drunker than you are...” (1:57)

This entry dedicated to the memory of US Navy Aviation Storekeeper First Class Richard Askern