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Cake (2014)

Daniel Barnz, Jennifer Aniston, Adriana Barraza, Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy, Anna Kendrick, Sam Worthington, Chris Messina, Mamie Gummer, Lucy Punch, Britt Robertson, Paula Cale, Ashley Crow, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Camille Guaty, Allen Maldonado, Camille Mana, Julio Oscar Mechoso
Percocet | OxyContin | oxycodone
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Psychotherapy group. Psychotherapist Annette: “It’s going to be hard, but I am going to sit here and pretend to be Nina, and as you feel led I want you to verbalize to me, Nina, how her suicide affected you.”
Disabled attorney Claire: “Personally I hate it when suicides make it easy on the survivors...” (0:00)

Nurse Gayle tells Claire, “I’m gonna go ahead and give you a few Percocets and Oxycontin to tide you ever.” (0:10)

Claire washes pills down with wine. (0:10)

Claire's maid Sylvana tells yard worker Arturo, “Look what you did, you idiot.”
Arturo: “Crazy bitch.” (0:14)

Christina tells her mother, “Sylvana, drive me to the drug dealer.” (0:16)

Claire dreams about or hallucinates Nina. (0:18)

Claire tries to drown herself. (0:21)

Claire retraces the approach to where Nina jumped to her death. (0:24)

Claire tells Annette, “... it was ruled that support groups could discriminate on the basis of membership but not when said discrimination was legally prohibited... when it involved intangible or subjective personality traits, i.e. Claire’s a raving bitch.”
Claire, referring to Nina: ”The one that killed herself.” (0:26)

Claire tells Silvana, “A. They’d assume that everyone’s a... retard.” (0:31)

Pharmacist Dr. Mata asks Claire, “You trying to sedate a small city?”
”Do you have prescriptions?”
Claire: “I thought we didn’t need prescriptions.” (0:33)

Claire tells Nina’s widower Roy, “I’m not a stalker.” (0:43)

Claire and Roy visit Nina’s grave at the cemetery. (0:43)

Claire tells Roy, “This guy I was dating wanted to go down there and get drunk on cheap booze and then watch women have sex with donkeys.”
Roy: “You know how my wife killed herself?”
”I did this exercise in the suicide support group where your partner pretends to be the one who died.” (0:45)

Claire tells Roy, “Ooh, he said, changing the mood of the room.” (0:47)

Claire tells Roy, “You’re more than a little depressed.”
Roy: “You thought I was going to kill myself.” (0:50)

Nina visits Claire. She tells her, referring to Roy, “He’s in mourning for me.” (0:51)

Roy takes his son Casey to visit Nina’s grave. (0:54)

Claire sees Nina. (0:55)

Claire asks Roy, “Is that you, or am I hallucinating?” (0:57)

Roy tells Claire, “So I left my support group.”
”It’s just a drug.”
Claire: “They have great drugs for that.” (1:05)

Claire keeps taking pills from a prescription bottle. She awakens in a hospital bed. (1:09)

Nina visits Claire in the hospital with a birthday cake. She sees Nina jump out the window. (1:13)

Claire tells nurse Salazar, “I got so drunk on rum and coke.” (1:16)

Nina, sitting on train tracks, tells Claire, “It’s really hard without the drugs, isn’t it?”
They lie across the tracks together. (1:19)

Silvana tells Claire, “You get drunk. You use drugs.”
”You want to kill yourself? Then kill yourself. Kill yourself!” (1:22)

Seeing a picture of her deceased son Claire cries. (1:28)

Claire and Silvana visit Claire’s son’s grave. (1:34)