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California Split

George Segal, Elliott Gould, Ann Prentiss, Gwen Welles, Jeff Goldblum, Kane Hodder, Jack Riley, Michael Greene, Bert Remsen, Barbara Ruick
Howard Hughes
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Narrator: "Avoid nervous habits." (0:04)

Her mother tells prostitute Susan, "Don’t worry now." (0:13)

Bill Denny answers Barbara Miller, "Drunk and disorderly." (0:21)

Bill tells Charlie Waters,"You’re really not worried, are you?" (0:32)

A horse race gambler lady asks Bill, "Are you crazy?" (0:35)

Cross-dressed Helen Brown (0:38)

Barbara tells Helen, "And don’t worry, honey... Don’t worry.” (0:40)

Charlie tells Bill, "... check the premises for any marijuana or pot or firearms." (0:41)

Nugie tells Bill, "Don’t worry." (0:55)

Charlie tells two men, referring to gambler Lew, "He tried to kill himself. Lunatic." (1:18)

Charlie tells Bill, "I’m just having a nervous breakdown..." (1:33)

Charlie tells Bill, "Don’t worry now. Don’t worry now."
”Don’t distract the man.” (1:38)

Charlie tells the croupier, "That man is unconscious..." (1:41)

Charlie: "Call Howard Hughes and tell him we’re gonna break his bank too." (1:43)