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Brendan Gleeson, Kelly Reilly, Chris O'Dowd, Aidan Gillen, Dylan Moran, Marie-Josée Croze
Adolf Hitler | cocaine | lysergic acid diethylamide | methamphetamine
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Man in confessional: “I was raped by a priest when I was seven years old...” (0:01)

Father James tells Father Leary, referring to confession, “It’s depressing.” (0:06)

His daughter Fiona with bandaged wrist; James: “You made the classic error”
“You’re supposed to cut down, not across.” (0:11)

Butcher Jack tells customers, “Mad fellow he was.”
Fr. James tells Jack referring to Simon and Veronica, ”You’re saying he beats her up.”
Jack: “I think she’s bipolar...” (0:15)

Simon tells James, “You would have to be a psychiatrist.” (0:18)

The writer tells James, referring to a Walther PPK pistol, “Old Adolf killed himself with one in the bunker.”
Inspector Stanton tells a male prostitute, referring to James, “He’s not in the mood, Leo.”
Stanton tells James, ”Pedophile priest.” (0:21)

Milo asks James, “Why do people kill themselves, Father?”
James: “Why do people kill themselves?”
Milo: “The drink, depression...”
James: “That’s making you feel suicidal?”
Milo: “It’s either committing suicide or joining the army.”
James: “I’ve always felt there’s something inherently psychopathic about someone who joins the army in peacetime.”
Milo: “I’m onto transsexual pornography at the moment.” (0:29)

Wealthy parishioner Michael tells James, “I’d like to make amends...” (0:33)

Dr. Frank Harte tells James, referring to his patients, “Car full of young ones hit them, drunk of course.” (0:38)

Fiona in confessional: “There was a Japanese writer committed suicide. He wrote out a list beforehand of all the famous suicides throughout history.” (0:44)

James and the writer in a graveyard.
James: “Bloody idiots can’t even be bothered coming up with a reason for murder these days. Wake up in a foul mood, and it’s bang, bang, bang.” (0:46)

Convicted murderer Freddie tells James, referring to police, “They’re obsessed with cannibalism.”
”I wasn’t in my right mind. You know, the LSD...” (0:48)

Frank snorts cocaine with Veronica.
Frank tells her, “Great cocaine.” (0:52)

Fiona tells James, “I gave up cocaine a long time ago.”
James: “You took cocaine?” (0:54)

James tells pub owner Brandon, “I’m not in the mood.” (0:55)

Veronica asks James, “Is this about the coke?” (0:58)

Michael asks Leary, “Do you have any crystal meth?” (1:02)

James tells Fiona, “Your mother dying killed a little something in both of us.”
James, referring to other forms of violence, “I know there are, attempting suicide for one.” (1:04)

Leo tells James, “Now Father, you know maybe you need to see a headshrinker yourself.” (1:13)

James drinks heavily. (1:16)

Leary tells James, “... I think it would be best if we continued this conversation in the morning when you’re sober.” (1:18)

While James talks to the widow, men wheel the coffin of the man killed in the motor vehicle accident to a waiting airplane. (1:22)

Michael tells James, “I’ve been in a bad way... a sense of disassociation.” (1:27)

Jack tells James, “That’s a cynicism that’s been earned after a hell of a lot of physical and psychological torture.” (1:30)