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Calvin Marshall

Alex Frost, Michelle Lombardo, Jane Adams, Andrew Wilson
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Calvin asks baseball coach Little, "So you want me to stalk her?"
Coach Little: "No, don't stalk her." (0:27)

Calvin tells volleyball star Tori, "I'm not stalking you." (0:28)

Calvin tells Tori, referring to his mother, "She died when I was ten." (0:36)

Tori with her terminally ill mother. (0:55)

Coach Little intoxicated. (0:56)

Calvin tells coach Little, "You are so deluded."
Coach Little: "I'm deluded?"
"You're the most delusional player that I've ever met." (1:11)

Burial of Tori's mother.
Calvin places flowers on his own mother's grave. (1:19)