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Camille (1936)

Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor, Lionel Barrymore, Elizabeth Allan, Jessie Ralph, Henry Daniell, Lenore Ulric, Laura Hope Crews, Rex O'Malley, Sam Harris
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Courtesan Marguerite Gautier tells Armand Duval, "You have a marvelous memory, haven't you?" (0:11)

Prudence Duvernoy tells Marguerite, "You don't want to get me drunk, do you?"
”That must worry Olympe.” (0:12)

Marguerite asks Armand, "Are you shocked?" (0:26)

Prudence: "I'm just getting into the mood." (0:27)

Armand tells Marguerite, "You're killing yourself."
Marguerite: ”I'm always nervous or sick or sad or too gay.” (0:29)

Armand: "I'm afraid I came for a purely selfish reason, father." (0:41)

Prudence asks Marguerite, "Are you crazy?" (0:49)

Prudence, referring to the bees: "Every time I eat a mouthful of honey, I’ll think what loons we look doing this." (1:06)

Marguerite tells Armand’s father, "Please don't think me mad, monsieur." (1:07)

Armand’s father tells Marguerite, "What you probably feel is the melancholy of happiness, that mood that comes over all of us when we realize that even love can’t remain at flood tide forever."
Marguerite, referring to Armand: ”... he taught me that love is not always selfish.” (1:11)

Armand tells Marguerite, "If that's what you're afraid of, you needn't worry." (1:18)

Prudence tells Marguerite, "You needn't worry, dear." (1:)25

Marguerite tells Armand, "Baron de Varville is not a patient man, and you are in a mood to quarrel with him tonight." (1:28)

Prudence tells Marguerite, "Oh heavens, what worries I've had this past week." (1:39)

Armand tells Nanine, "Don't worry."
Marguerite dies in Armand’s arms. (1:46)

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