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Camille Claudel

Isabelle Adjani, Gérard Depardieu, Madeleine Robinson
Camille Claudel
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Sculptor August Rodin tells his assistant Limet, "I thought the 'Neubourg Folly' was a madhouse." (1:02)

Rodin tells sculptor Camille, "You get drunk on pain."
Camille becomes increasingly paranoid: I'd rather be in an asylum, where you'd like to put me."
Rodin: "You're drunk. Completely drunk. You've taken to drink." (2:00)

Art dealer Eugene asks Camille, "Are you drunk?"
"This is suicide Camille." (2:26)

Camille's father has died. The Claudel family in the cemetery. (2:44)

A physician reads as he writes, "I, the undersigned, Doctor of medicine certify that Ms. Camille Claudel suffers from severe mental disturbances, that she wears rags, has sold all her furniture, though she receives from her family 200 francs a month in addition to her rent, enough to live comfortably. That she lived isolated, in a locked room, with no air, having sealed the windows several months ago..."
"... written to her brother, she is still terrified of..."
"... and therefore it is necessary to intern her in a hospital." (2:45)

Camille's mother Louise signs a document entitled "CERTIFICAT Demande de Placement Volontaire."
Men in white coats escort Camille into a locked truck labeled "Maison de Sante de Ville Evrard" (2:47)

Camille writes a letter to her brother Paul from the hospital: "Mad houses are made to inflict suffering... Don't forget, Paul, your sister is in prison with madwomen."
Camille has died.
While we see a picture of the real Camille Claudel in old age we read, "Because of the war Camille Claudel was transferred to the asylum at Montdevergues on September 9, 1914. She died there, October 19, 1943 after 30 years of confinement." (2:51)

Camille Claudel 1915 portrays her life in the asylum during that year.