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Can You Ever Forgive Me?

CastMelissa McCarthy, Richard E. Grant, Jane Curtin, Jennifer Westfeldt, Dolly Wells, Anna Deavere Smith, Julie Ann Emery, Shae D'Lyn, Michael Cyril Creighton, Marc Evan Jackson, Christian Navarro, Alice Kremelberg, Joanna Adler
Year released2018
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Writer Tom Clancy tells another partier, “I don't subscribe to the notion of writer's block.”
”Writer's block is a term invented by the writer's community to justify their laziness.” (0:05)

Writer Lee watches The Little Foxes on television. (0:07)

Her old friend Jack tells Lee, “Last time I saw you... we were both pleasantly pissed at some horrible book party.”
Lee: ”Nobody could stop talking about the handsome English gentleman who was so shit-faced he mistook the coat closet for the can.”
Jack: ”I happen to have some very nice cocaine if you're interested.”
”It's 4 in the afternoon, and you got drunk.”
Lee: “ I'm hardly drunk.” (0:11)

Shop owner Anna tells Lee, “I love his writing, and Dorothy Parker as well.” (0:37)

Jack tells Lee, “I just sold a little coke.” (0:39)

Singer in drag: “This next song goes out to all the agoraphobic junkies who couldn't be here tonight.” (0:40)

Lee tells Jack, “Maybe you could find some coke.” (0:42)

Collectible seller Nell tells Lee, referring to a letter, “Dorothy Parker” (0:43)

Lee tells the super, “Does flies are driving me crazy.” (0:44)

Lee forges a letter from Dorothy Parker: “I have a hangover that is a real museum piece.” (0:47)

More forgeries: “... Yours, Dorothy Parker... Dear Edith, That terrible old fart, the tyranny addict, Joe Kennedy...” (0:48)

Lee: “... Dorothy Parker...” (0:49)

Anna proposes a toast “To... Dorothy Parker...”
”I'm an idiot, I know.” (0:50)

Anna tells Lee, “I think I'm a little tipsy.” (0:53)

A collectible seller tells Lee, “Hey, for a while there we had the Hitler Diaries.” (0:56)

Lee tells Jack, “I'll have you know I'm a better Dorothy Parker than Dorothy Parker.” (0:59)

Lee tells Jack, “No, moron, it's not what you said.” (1:05)

Lee tells Jack, “God, you idiot”
Jack: ”Stop calling me an idiot.”
”I'm just going to kill myself first.” (1:07)

Lee tells a librarian, “I'm doing an in-depth look at writers and alcoholism, hence, Lillian Hellman...” (1:10)

Anna tells a man, referring to Jack, “He seemed pretty nervous.” (1:10)

Jack snorts cocaine from a table top.
Jack tells his friend, ”Oh, a little coke, a little dope, and me.”
His friend lights a joint and shotguns him.” (1:11)

The librarian tells Lee, “Ah yes, the book on drunk authors.” (1:13)

Lee tells the librarian, “I get overly anxious when I travel.” (1:15)

Her lawyer Lloyd tells Lee, “... and you've got to go to AA.” (1:26)

The judge asks Lee, “Have you in the last 24 hours used drugs, pills, alcohol...”
Lee: “I have been living in a state of enormous guilt and anxiety for many months... I lost my friend who may have been an idiot, but he tolerated me.”
Judge: “You may only leave home to go to... Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.” (1:27)

Lee tells Jack, “I'm at an AA meeting on 10th Street right now.” (1:33)

Lee sees a letter signed by Dorothy Parker in a shop window.
She tells the clerk, referring to a fictitious friend, “He would love to own that Dorothy Parker in the window.”
“No one can write like Miss Parker could, not before and not since.”
Lee composes a letter: ”... Yours, Dorothy Parker” (1:38)

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