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Candy (2006)

CastHeath Ledger, Abbie Cornish, Geoffrey Rush, Tom Budge, Roberto Meza Mont, Tony Martin, Noni Hazlehurst, Tara Morice, Paul Blackwell
Year released2006
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Drug paraphernalia 
Schumann tells artist Candy Wyatt, ”Just stick to snorting it...” (0:03)

Candy appears unconscious
Candy’s poet boyfriend Dan: ”Schumann, she’s ODed.” 
Dan injects Candy’s arm with a salt solution. 
Candy appears to regain consciousness. (0:04)

Dan tells his chemist friend Casper,"... or give us some ecstasy we can sell for it." 
Casper: ”I’m afraid my days as a manufacturer of recreational pharmaceuticals have come to an end.” 
”When you can stop, you don’t want to. When you want to stop, you can’t.” (0:09)

In the car, in a car wash, Candy and Dan appear intoxicated. (0:11)

Dan, narrating: "My own parents had long since cut me adrift..." (0:12)

Dan answers Candy, "The last shot." 
Drug paraphernalia (0:16)

A wedding guest tells Dan, "... gives you some focus..." (0:23)

Candy tells Dan, "Rather selfish way to begin a marriage." (0:24)

Dan: "Obviously, it was a big dope weekend..." (0:24)

Dan nods
Young Janey: ”He’s drunk.” (0:25)

Candy tells her mother Elaine, referring to Dan, "He’s just pissed, Mum..." (0:26)

Candy asks Dan, "Do you think we should stop?" (0:26)


Dan: "They say for every ten years you’ve been a junkie, you will have spent seven of them waiting... anxiety was a full-time job." (0:28)

Dan tells Candy, "I just had a quick little hit..." 
Referring to Little Angelo: ”He sold me the dope. Why would he want to have a hit in a public toilet?” 
Candy: ”... this... nightmare you’ve led me into.” 
Dan: ”... Held you down, hit you up, did I?” 
Candy injects her arm. (0:29)

Dan tells Candy, "... We’re going to detox..." 
Candy: ”... Maybe I want to keep using... what if I want to keep using...?” 
”No you won’t, you moron...” (0:31)

Candy throws and object, hitting Dan in the head. (0:33)

Dan asks the doctor, "Is there any chance for morphine?..." 
Doctor: ”I don’t think you need any morphine...” (0:34)

A delivery man tells Dan, "No worries." 
”Yeah, no worries.” (0:34)

Candy tells Dan, "I’m sorry I hurt your head." (0:35)

Candy tells the rental agent, "Listen, Phillip, we’re junkies..." (0:37)

Casper tells Candy and Dan, "... Panadeine to morphine... morphine to heroin... liquid diamorphine, commonly known as heroin, pharmaceutical grade..." 
They inject themselves. (0:38)

By telephone, Dan tells Roger Moylan, "... I’m a little bit nervous about this whole thing..." (0:43)

Dan: "I knew it was in my power to do something brave." (0:45)

Dan tells the bank teller, "Never get sentimental about a car." (0:48)

Candy tells Dan, "... It’s from that night I broke your skull." 
”We’ve got to stop using.” (0:50)

Dan, filling syringes: "... it takes a lot of planning to stop." (0:52)

Dan tells Candy, "... We can... not use. Thailand would be great if we didn’t use... not have drugs in our system..." (0:53)

Candy and Dan withdrawing? (0:55)

Candy tells the nurse, "Get me some pethadine. I want pethadine." 
Dan: ”Are you gonna give her some... pethadine, or what?...” (1:02)


Dan: "The world is very bewildering to a junkie." 
Dan injects Candy. (1:06)

Dan: "Hey Schumann, we’re thinking of moving... give methadone a try." (1:07)

Dan tells Candy, "Not to worry..." (1:10)

Candy’s father Jim tells Dan, "No worries, mate." (1:12)

Elaine tells the others, "It’s the drugs. The drugs always come first." (1:12)

The pharmacist answers a customer: "It’s medicine." (1:15)

Candy tells Dan, referring to neighbor Paul, "He’s got some good hydro." 
”We’re gonna go get some more pot.” (1:17)

Filling a syringe (1:25)

Casper: "My name is Daniel. I’m an addict. I’m clean today..." 
Dan injects himself. (1:25)

Casper tells Dan, "Promise me you’ll stop. Promise me you’ll stop before me." (1:28)

By telephone, Jim tells Dan, referring to Candy, "She’s had a bit of a nervous breakdown." (1:29)

Candy tells Dan, "Everything’s turning blue." 
”Everything’s turning blue.” (1:31)

Dan finds Casper's lifeless body. (1:33)

Dan: "... Casper was gone... Candy was off getting better... rehab..." (1:35)

A coworker tells Dan, "You crazy." (1:36)

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