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Can't Hardly Wait

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ethan Embry, Charlie Korsmo, Lauren Ambrose, Peter Facinelli, Seth Green, Michelle Brookhurst, Alexander Martin
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William tells his friends Geoff and Murphy, "You will... render them unconscious with the chloroform that we mixed in chem lab."(0:09)

Partier: "We won't drive home drunk."(0:13)

Geoff: "But William, you could get drunk."
Murphy: "You could get addicted." (0:14)

Blonde partier, referring to Amanda: "Suicidal." (0:17)

A blonde partier tells Amanda, referring to Mike: "He is not even Brad in 12 Monkeys." (0:20)

Kenny tells Ashley, "But I had this mad flashback..." (0:22)

Kenny asks Denise, "Why you gotta be such a raging bitch?" (0:45)

A stripper tells Preston, "Try having 40 drunk men grabbing your ass..." (0:51)

Denise tells Kenny, "I told Diana Yellin that you were a dendrophiliac."(1:02)

Amanda tells Mike, "I am not your girl, and you are obviously drunk..."
"Look, you're drunk..." (1:06)

Amanda asks Preston, "God, you know, how sick and deluded are you?" (1:10)

Geoff and Murphy administer chloroform to Mike and William. (1:18)