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Joe Pantoliano, Marcia Gay Harden, Devon Gearhart, Sophia Bairley, Marcus Johns, Antony Del Rio, Irene B. Colletti, Bill Erfurth, Paul Lasa, Emma Lockhart
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Carpenter John tells his son Chris, referring to Chris’s mom Mary, “The doctors have her on new medication.” (0:06)

By telephone John tells an insurance company representative, “It’s an illness, a mental illness.”
”She has been diagnosed -- with schizophrenia.”
Mary: “Because I’m not crazy.”
"Why her illness is not covered on my HMO." (0:15)

Frantic and delusional, Mary tells John, “They’re listening. They wired the house.”
”You’re one of them.” (0:20)

John and Chris visit Mary in a psychiatric hospital.” (0:24)

Chris’s friend Dawn asks him, “Is it true that your mom’s in that mental hospital? (0:30)

His employer Hector tells John, “Don’t waste your money on this crazy thing.” (0:36)

Chris tells John, “They say you’re crazy too.” (0:41)

John tells Chris, referring to Mary, “She might be a little nervous...” (0:43)

Mary’s psychiatrist: “John, schizophrenia is a difficult disease to treat.” (0:46)

Chris appears to experience auditory hallucination before he awakens from a dream. (0:47)

Chris asks his friend Sam if thinks he is “You know, like crazy?” (0:49)

Mary gives another patient a paint brush and tells her, “Go crazy. When you paint they go away.”
Patient: “Who?”
Mary: “The voices.” (0:52)

John: “Oh, Mary, honey you’re seeing things again.”
Mary: “You’re crazy.”
John: ”I’m crazy. You’re crazy.”
”Bella pazza is crazy, like crazy beautiful nut.” (0:56)

Mary tells Chris, “There’s something wrong with me, but I think it’s treatable.” (1:03)

Hector’s son Gregg teases Chris: “I go cuckoo for cocoa puffs.”
Gregg’s buddy: “Wait, he might go crazy...”
Gregg: “I don’t know who’s crazy, your mom or your dad.”
”Does your mom wear a straight jacket when she goes to bed?” (1:04)

Chris tells John, referring to Mary, “She’s crazy, and so are you.”
Chris: ”You don’t know what it’s like to see your mother act crazy.” (1:08)

Dawn tells Chris, referring to her own mother, “She’s always smoking funny cigarettes...” (1:09)

John tells Chris, “Your old man’s crazy.” (1:13)

Mary appears to respond to auditory hallucinations. (1:23)

Chris paints the name on the boat he built with John: “La Bella Pazza” -- The Beautiful Madwoman. (1:24)

John tells Chris, referring to Mary, “She’s got therapy... group something...” (1:26)