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Cape Fear

Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum, Polly Bergen, Lori Martin, Martin Balsam, Jack Kruschen, Telly Savalas
heroin | strychnine
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Lawyer Sam tells police chief Dutton, referring to ex-con Max Cady, “When he saw the police he went completely berserk...” (0:10)

Cady tells Dutton and the other officers, “Now you know I’m not drunk... John W. Moss, M.D. If you want to give me an intoxication test, bring that gentleman down here.”
Dutton: “You’ll be sober enough when you leave here anyway.”
Cady: “I’ve got a couple of jolts of horse stashed under the collar.” (0:14)

The veterinarian, referring to Sam’s family dog Marilyn: “Ten to one it was strychnine, Sam.” (0:19)

Sam asks the witness, “What was your diagnosis?”
Dr. Pearsall on the witness stand: ”My diagnosis was hip fracture...” (0:25)

His wife Peggy tells Sam, referring to their daughter Nancy, “The doctor gave her a sedative.”
”Sam, are you out of your mind?” (0:51)

Dutton asks Sam, “Have you gone out of your mind?” (1:07)

Reference in The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

Remade as Cape Fear (1991)