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Captain Abu Raed

Nadim Sawalha, Rana Sultan, Hussine Al-Souse, Udey Al-Qadise, Ghandi Saber, Dina Raad-Yaghnam, Mohammad Qteshat, Nadim Mushahwar, Phaedra Dahdaleh, Khuloud Khaled Issa, Ayat Najah Abd Al-Sadeq
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One of the other boys says, "Murad"
"Your father beats you at night." (0:30)

Pilot Nour tells her father, Dr. Zaid, and his son Samer, "I have to go shoot myself." (0:51)

Abu Raed tells Nour how his son, then his wife, died. (1:00)

Um Murad tells street vendor Abu Murad, "You're drunk." (1:03)

Abu Murad punishes his son for stealing by burning his hand with a hot metal spoon. (1:12)

Murad tells Abu Raed his father is "Out drunk somewhere." Abu Raed finds him passed out, lying in the street. (1:22)