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CastJodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz, John C. Reilly, Elvis Polanski, Eliot Berger
Year released2011
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By telephone attorney Alan reads an article to colleague Walter: “According to a study... two Australian researchers have identified neurological side effects... including impaired hearing and ataxia.” (0:06)

Hardware salesman Michael tells Alan and his broker wife Nancy, referring to Alan’s son’s hamster, “It’s driving Ethan crazy.” (0:07)

By phone with Walter Alan asks, “What is ataxia?”
”And in normal doses?”
Walter: “In normal doses, rarely.” (0:11)

By phone Alan tells Colleague Dennis, “Undesirable side effects are not established.”
Dennis: “And the symptoms?”
Alan: “Basically, you look like you’re drunk.” (0:12)

Alan tells Michael’s wife Penelope, “Mrs. Longstreet, Our son is a maniac.”
Penelope: ”I’m sure your son is not a maniac.”
Nancy: “Zachary is not a maniac.”
Alan: “He’s a maniac.” (0:16)

Nancy: “My husband is all stressed out over work stuff...”
Michael: “There’s no reason to be stressed out.” (0:23)

Alan, by telephone: “We can’t recall a drug...”
Another call: “They’re in panic mode.” (0:24)

Penelope tells Michael, “Some Reglan. We’ve got some Reglan, right?”
Michael, referring to Nancy, “Give her some Reglan.” (0:27)

By telephone his mother tells Michael, “They all drive like crazy.”
Michael tells Alan, “... and if my mother shows even the slightest symptom, my name will be on the top of a class-action suit.” (0:42)

Penelope, referring to Michael: “He’s afraid of rodents.”
Michael: ”Yes, I have a fear of rodents, and I have a fear of reptiles...” (0:44)

Alan tells Michael, “Keep right on stroking your own ego.”
Michael asks Penelope, ”What, have you lost your mind now too.” (0:44)

Penelope tells Nancy, “I sprayed like a madwoman.” (0:52)

Alan: “Nancy, are you out of your... mind?” (1:01)

Michael tells Penelope, “You’re an unhappy drunk.”
Penelope: ”I don’t get drunk... I don’t get drunk.” (1:05)

Penelope asks Nancy, “My son Ethan, who had to take two codeine at three in the morning, he shares the blame?” (1:09)

Nancy tells Penelope, “I wanna get drunk off my ass... I wanna be blind drunk.”
Alan: “You’re drunk enough.”
”Yes, Doodle, we care in a hysterical way.”
Alan tells Penelope, “The women we like are sensual, crazy, shot full of hormones.” (1:10)

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