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Carrie Pilby

CastBel Powley, Nathan Lane, Gabriel Byrne, Jason Ritter, William Moseley, Vanessa Bayer, Colin O'Donoghue
Year released2016
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In a psychotherapy session, young Carrie Pilby tells psychotherapist Dr. Petrov, referring to London, "... it is repressed..."
Petrov: ”... try to stop... rubbing your exceptionally high IQ in people’s noses.”
Carrie: ”... and if you speak to my dad, please give him the message... that hiring me a therapist is no more a satisfactory replacement for an actual parent than sending me off to college at an inappropriately young age.” (0:01)

Carrie tells a young man, "... I’ve just had a really tough session with my therapist..." (0:05)

Carrie tells her father Daniel, "Shocker." (0:06)

Psychotherapy session with Petrov
Petrov: ”You’ve got a photographic memory.”
”Well, not to worry...” (0:11)

English professor David Harrison tells his class, "... I guess I won’t off myself just yet..."
Carrie: ”... I moved to New York... just after my mom died... the girl whose mom died...” (0:14)

Session continues. (0:16)

Carrie asks her nextdoor neighbor Cy, "... why do you play your didgeridoo in the street like a crazy hippie?" (0:18)

Dr. Petrov’s patient: "It’s in every single sexual fantasy I have..."
Carrie in session
Carrie lists brilliant people: ”... Van Gogh...”
Carrie answers Petrov: ”... that weird little perv who was in here just now...” (0:23)

Carrie reads personal ads, "Single white male, engaged and confused."
Carrie leaves a message on Matt’s voice mail, ”I sympathize fully with your situation...” (0:27)

Matt answers Carrie, "Gloria Patch, from Fitzgerald’s underrated masterpiece..."
Carrie: ”I thought I’d find a narcissistic rat bag...” (0:33)

Carrie asks coworker Tara, "... what’s the one... that makes you really drunk?"
Carrie asks the bartender, ”Can I give you my IQ instead... Surely I can be better trusted with alcohol than older, less intelligent people. ”
Carrie: ”Alcohol is an organic compound... the ethanol in your slightly toxic wares is C2H5OH.”
”That makes you sound like a psychopath... It’s spiked.”
”Finally, the recognition I’ve been craving.”
”I don’t get why people are so sex obsessed.”
”The main event is nothing to be obsessed about.”
Tara: ”... just because people like to do it, doesn’t mean they’re obsessed. Do you think people are sleep obsessed..?”
Carrie: ”Sleep obsession doesn’t hurt anyone.”
Carrie: “... people make an awful lot of excuses to indulge in bad behavior...”
Tara: ”... I do not have the emotional maturity...”
Carrie: ”I see a therapist...” (0:40)

Carrie sees Petrov kissing a married woman. (0:48)

By telephone, Carrie tells Daniel, referring to Petrove, "Dad, he’s cheating... he’s doing it with a married woman.” (0:48)

Matt tells Carrie, "All the photos and stuff were a real mood killer."
Carrie: ”You know what else is a mood killer?...”
Matt: ”Jesus, Pollyanna...” (0:55)

Carrie asks Harrison, "Jesus, David, why are you acting like such a psycho about this?" (0:59)

Carrie tells pet store clerk Davey, "That is insane." (1:00)

Her musician neighbor Cy tells Carrie, "My roommate Ted is insane." (1:03)

Carrie prays, referring to her mother, "I really, really, really, really miss her, and I know that my dad does too." (1:12)

Carrie tells Petrov, "... I am more confused than ever..."
”I don’t need to finish the list to know that, shocker, drinking a cherry soda will not make my dad pay attention to me... don’t have affairs with married women.”
Daniel tells Carrie, ”I was worried about you.” (1:13)

Daniel punches Harrison in the nose. (1:21)

Carrie in session with Petrov
Petrov, referring to his married lover Cheryl: ”She works with abused children.”
Carrie: ”I have a photographic memory, remember?” (1:22)

Cy tells Carrie, referring to his roommate Ted, "The guy is a compulsive liar..." (1:29)

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