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Carry On Camping

Hattie Jacques, Joan Sims, Kenneth Williams, Sid James, Terry Scott, Bernard Bresslaw, Dilys Laye
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Joan tells her boyfriend Sid, “We should have gone to The Sound of Music.” (0:04)

Peter tells his wife Harriet, “Got drunk at lunchtime...”
”Another chap came into the office with a pound of opium, then we smoked it, and we spent the afternoon in a harem.” (0:05)

Sid tells his friend Bernie, “Let’s face it, we are lumbered with two birds with prohibitions.”
Bernie: ”You mean inhibitions.”
“I mean prohibitions.” (0:10)

Mrs. Fussey tells her daughter Joan, “I went with your father once, and he went berserk.” (0:17)

Sid tells Joan, “You must be barmy.” (0:54)