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Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci, James Woods, Frank Vincent, Pasquale Cajano, Kevin Pollak, Don Rickles, Vinny Vella, Alan King, L.Q. Jones, Dick Smothers
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Mob underboss Nicky, referring to casino boss Sam: "... he'd know if the quarterback was on coke." (0:12)

Nicky: "I mean they had... drug dealers..." (0:30)

Con man Lester divides lines of cocaine on mirror with a razor blade. A girl snorts a line through a straw. (0:42)

Nicky: "They were desperate gamblers, coke freaks." (0:49)

Sam tells his wife Ginger, "I'm going to get you into a program." (1:25)

Nicky tells Sam, "They think you went bat..." (1:53)

Sam tells his divorce lawyer, referring to Ginger, "She's only sober about two hours a day." (1:59)

Ginger prepares lines of cocaine and snorts some with a straw. Lester rubs cocaine on his gums. (2:01)

Lester tells Ginger, "I'm not gonna drive with some crazy woman." (2:03)

Sam tells Nicky, "Drives me... crazy."
"Drives me... crazy." (2:05)

Sam tells Ginger, "You're stoned. You're a junkie." (2:11)

Extreme close-up of cocaine sucked into a straw.
Sam: "They were all tuned up half the time on coke." (2:23)

Sam: "... Mickey's crew got stoned one night..." (2:24)

Sam tells Ginger, "I... have you committed." (2:29)

Sam tells Ginger, "You're drunk. You're on drugs." (2:34)

In a phone call Sam tells banker Charlie, "She's a... junkie. She's out of her mind." (2:38)

Nicky: "But then his kid got nabbed by the feds for drugs." (2:44)

Sam, referring to Ginger's death: "She found some... druggies..."
Referring to her autopsy doctor: "He said they gave her a hot dose." (2:45)

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