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The Cat and the Canary

Forrest Stanley, Arthur Edmund Carew, Flora Finch, Creighton Hale, Tully Marshall, Martha Mattox, Laura La Plante, Geo. Seigmann
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Apparently tormented by hallucinated cats “... Cyrus West, whose greedy relatives... had brought him to the verge of madness” dies. (0:02)

Annabelle: “Why, Paul! I haven't seen you since nurse dropped you on your head.”
Aunt Susan: ”She’s certainly the image of Cyrus West, and I’ll bet she’s crazy, too!” (0:16)

Roger reads Cyrus West’s will: “... they have nearly driven me crazy because they believe I am mad.” (0:19)

Aunt Susan: “I didn’t want the crazy fool’s money, anyway!” (0:21)

Roger: “A physician is named in the will who must examine the heir and positively establish his or her sanity.”
”He said, the heir must be proven sane or the estate goes to the one mentioned in the envelope in his pocket.”
Harry: “He dictated that paragraph because he knew that all his relatives thought him crazy.”
Aunt Susan: “Now I know he was crazy.” (0:22)

The guard, straight jacket in hand, tells the others, “An escaped lunatic is at large -- I’m looking for him.”
”If you ever saw this lunatic you wouldn’t think it was a bedtime story!”
”He’s a maniac who thinks he’s a cat, and tears his victims like they were canaries!” (0:29)

Roger tells Annabelle, “This envelope contains the name of the heir in case you are adjudged insane... In case your sanity is questioned by the doctor who comes tonight, you ought to be warned who your successor is.” (0:31)

Annabelle tells the others, “Don’t look at me as if I were crazy...” (0:33)

Susan: “She’s as crazy as Cyrus West!” (0:35)

Harry asks the guard, “Haven’t you found anybody to put in your strait-jacket yet?” (0:38)

Susan: “She’s ab-so-lute-ly crazy!” (0:57)

Annabelle swoons. (0:59)

Harry tells the others, “It must have been the maniac who killed him.” (1:01)

The doctor asks Annabelle, “What makes you so nervous tonight?” (1:08)

The doctor dumps white powder into a glass of water. (1:10)

Paul: “Give me a hand, Guard -- here’s your - maniac!” (1:17)

The guard: “He hired me to help put the girl in the bug-house, so he could get the money!” (1:19)

The Cat and the Canary (1978)