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The Cat and the Canary (1978)

Olivia Hussey, Edward Fox, Honor Blackman, Michael Callan, Wendy Hiller, Carol Lynley, Peter McEnery, Wilfrid Hyde-White
ethyl alcohol | Sigmund Freud
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Lawyer Allison reads Cyrus West’s will: “The second film is not to be run tonight... unless the designated air dies or is judged...”
“... judged to be insane.” (0:20)

Surgeon Harry: “Old man West is the one who’s insane.”
Pilot Charlie: ”He was a lunatic.” (0:22)

Songwriter Paul: “Nobody’d declare me sane.”
Fashion designer Annabelle: “I had to be mad to be born into this family.”
Charlie: “Well I wasn’t mad when I came here, but I’m certainly gonna be soon.”
Cyrus: “If there are more than 3 of you present then the mathematical probability of one or more of you being mentally unbalanced is not in your favor... Now, should the beneficiary not be declared sane it wouldn’t surprise me.”
Cousin Cicily: “I knew there was something to that insane thing. This whole thing is insane. We’re all insane.”
Paul: “Well, I’m as sane as anyone here.”
Cyrus: “... if my heir has not been judged sane then my next in line will be named in another movie.” (0:27)

Cicily tells Paul, “What’s more it turns out there’s insanity in the family, and there could be a full fledged... lunatic sleeping in the next bed.” (0:34)

Charlie tells Harry, “The alcohol is for the patients, not the doctor.” (0:36)

Hendricks tells the others, “My name is Hendricks. I am the chief psychologist of the... Sanitarium.”
”An asylum for the criminally insane.” (0:37)

Hendricks: “I’m sorry to report that one of our patients at the sanitarium has escaped.”
”A complete maniac.”
”He believes that he’s a cat.”
”He’s not in his right mind.”
”Weapons can be as dangerous as maniacs...”
Harry: ”It’s just a homicidal maniac who thinks he’s a cat got loose... Allowing a homicidal maniac to escape is criminal negligence.”
”My patient cuts with his hands...”
Cousin Susan tells Hendricks: “Kill or be killed Dr. Freud.”
Cicily: “I was the girl who was dancing at the Cosey Club in London who the manager doped and tried to attack in his office.”
”After the shots I feinted. I never remembered anything after that.” (0:38)

Susan tells Annabelle, “We just heard there’s a maniac loose in the area. He thinks he’s a cat.” (0:50)

Paul tells Annabelle and Charlie, “I’ve just had a slight altercation with Dr. Jekyl.” (0:54)

Paul: “Where would I hide if I were an escaped homicidal maniac who thinks he’s a cat?” (0:55)

Annabelle tells Charlie, “You are moody sometimes.”
Charlie: ”I just saw it in The Scarlet Pimpernel.” (0:55)

Annabelle asks the others, “Are you trying to tell me I’ve been hearing things?”
”Are you trying to tell me that I’ve been seeing things?”
Paul: “Are you crazy?”
”Who said that Annabelle could be crazy.”
Annabelle asks Paul, ”Do you think I’m crazy?”
”If I were crazy I’d be a much better designer.” (1:00)

Annabelle tells Harry that Allison told her “Just enough for a small breakdown.”
Harry: “You’re driving me crazy.”
Susan tells Annabelle, ”And if a bullet won’t stop him, shoot yourself.” (1:05)

Housekeeper Mrs. Pleasant tells Annabelle, referring to Cyrus, “He told me that he’d seen fear make people lose their minds.” (1:08)

Annabelle asks Susan, “Why don’t you just say that I’ve got the running West insanity?”
Charlie: “Anybody can get a little hysterical.”
Annabelle: ”I am not hysterical.”
Paul: ”Now do you think she was seeing things?”
Harry: “That maniac may still be in the house.”
Susan tells Annabelle, “I told you what that maniac does.” (1:15)

An unidentifiable figure knocks Paul out with a pipe blow to the head. (1:20)

Annabelle tells Paul, “They’ll think that you’re insane too.”
”Some maniac is trying to kill us.” (1:22)

Annabelle tells Hendricks, referring to Charlie, “He’s the maniac.” (1:30)

Annabelle tells Hendricks, “Charlie’s insane.” (1:33)

Cyrus: “So the heir named West cracked up, turned out to be the one to whom I bequeathed our strain of insanity.” (1:37)

The Cat and the Canary (1927)