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Cat Ballou

Jane Fonda, Lee Marvin, Michael Callan, Dwayne Hickman, Nat King Cole, Stubby Kaye, Tom Nardini, John Marley
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Uncle Jed, disguised as a preacher, tells school-teacher-to-be catherine “Cat” Ballou, "I'm drunk as a skunk." (0:06)

Cat asks her father Frankie, "Papa, how was I supposed to know he was a drunk? " (0:37)

Gunfighter Kid Shelleen: "... I've rescued many a stagecoach passenger from road agents and drunken Indians..." (0:40)

Frankie complains about "...a drunk in the bunkhouse..." (0:43)

Frankie tells the others, referring to Cat, "She's crazy, I tell you. Always has been. She sees things... Why was I cursed in my old age with a nutty daughter and a bunch of slack twisted idiots?" (0:44)

Cat runs to Frankie shortly after gunfighter Tim Strawn kills him. (0:45)

Nephew Clay Boone tells Cat, "Look, now you're out of your mind." (0:55)

Cat tells the others, "A horse ranch Indian, a drunken gunfighter, a sex maniac and an uncle."
Clay tells her, ”It's the last thing, crazy dame.” (0:56)

Cat tells Clay, "Oh, you’re selfish and a little stupid..."
”You're no hero, so don't worry about it.” (1:09)

Ranch hand Jackson Two Bears tells Cat, "We believe what the gods did when they made a man crazy was that they made him fall in love." (1:11)

Shelleen tells Jackson, "No booze." (1:14)

Shellene tells the others, "My, oh my, how that booze‘ll do your mind, fog your mind so you can't remember a darn thing."
Shelleen tells clay, ”... you are scared and confused.”
Cat tells Clay, ”Of all the self-centered, egotistical things I ever heard.” (1:22)

Jackson tells Shelleen, "Okay, what a time for you to fall off the wagon." (1:32)