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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Jack Carson, Larry Gates, Vaughn Taylor, Paul Newman, Madeleine Sherwood, Elizabeth Taylor, Burl Ives
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Maggie tells her husband Brick, "It's a place that's famous for treating famous alcoholics and dope fiends."
"... and you don't take dope." (0:06)

Maggie tells Brick, "...I'd find me the longest, sharpest knife I could, and I'd stick it straight into my heart." (0:12)

Maggie tells Brick, referring to his friend, "Skipper is dead." (0:35)

His father Big tells Brick, "Son you know you've got a real liquor problem."
" You're a real alcoholic."
Brick: "Yes, sir, I'm an alcoholic."
Big Daddy:"... have to hustle your drinks on skid row."
"No, you're not, you drunken whelp."
"Wet brain."
"Why Don't You Kill Yourself?" (0:47)

Big Daddy asks Brick, referring to Maggie and Skipper, "What did she do, chase him out of the 11th story window of that Chicago hotel?" (0:57)

Brick tells Maggie, "You hated him so much that you got him drunk and went to bed with him." (0:59)

Big Daddy asks Brick, "So that's when he killed himself?"
Brick: "That's why I'm a drunk. When I'm drunk I can stand myself."
Big Daddy: "You didn't kill Skipper. He killed himself." (1:07)

Dr. Baugh tells Big Daddy, "If the pain gets too bad this is morphine..." (1:12)

Brick's mother Ida tells the others, "There ain't nothing wrong with Big Daddy but nerves." (1:15)

Brick's brother Gooper says, "Then he's got to be started on morphine."
Ida: "Nobody's going to give my husband morphine." (1:19)

Gooper tells the others how he met all of Big Daddy's expectations. (1:24)

Brick tells Big Daddy, "I'm a drunk." Big Daddy tells him about losing his own father. (1:34)

Reference in Pain and Glory