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Cat People

Simone Simon, Kent Smith, Jane Randolph, Ann Carter, Tom Conway, Jack Holt, Eve March, Julia Dean, Elizabeth Russell, Erford Gage
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Marine engineer Oliver tells his fashion designer bride, “Oh, Irena, you crazy kid.” (0:18)

Oliver tells Irena, “That’s what we need, a psychiatrist.” (0:26)

Irena lies on a couch in the office of psychiatrist Dr. Louis Judd, hypnotized.
Judd tells Irena, “Hypnosis always tires me. Some of my patients, too, find it exhausting.”
”These things are very simple to psychiatrists.” (0:26)

Oliver’s co worker Alice tells Irena, referring to Judd, “... I guess he knows all there is to know about psychiatry.” (0:29)

Judd tells Irena, “There is, in some cases, a psychic need to loose evil upon the world.”
”All the psychologists have tried for years to find that subtle difference between mind and soul.” (0:36)

In her sleep Irena hears Judd’s words repeatedly: “There is, in some cases, a psychic need to loose evil upon the world.” (0:47)

Judd tells Irena, “You say you have lapses of memory for which you cannot account.”
”My dear Mrs. Reed, sometimes in my profession there comes a contest of wills between the doctor and his patient. Patients are clever...”
”These hallucinations approach insanity... I could... have you put away for observation. You are that close to real insanity... You keep going back to the mad legends of your birthplace.” (0:55)

Oliver: “Irena, you’re talking like an insane woman.” (0:59)

Judd tells Oliver, referring to Irena, “Either have her put away for observation and restraint, or have your marriage annulled.”
”As a psychiatrist I should recommend you have her put away.”
”One cannot divorce an insane person.”
”I’ll have the commitment papers drawn up...” (1:00)

When Judd kisses Irena, she turns into a panther and attacks him. (1:08)

Cat People | The Curse of the Cat People

Remade as Cat People (1982)