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Cat People (1982)

Nastassja Kinski, Malcolm McDowell, John Heard, Annette O'Toole, Ruby Dee, Ed Begley Jr., Scott Paulin, Frankie Faison
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His housekeeper Female tells Irena, referring to Paul, “Your brother’s driving me crazy waiting for you.” (0:08)

Zoo curator Oliver tells zoologist Joe, “Let’s go with the ketamine straight, 2000 milligrams.” (0:18)

Alice tells Irena, “People are crazy here.” (0:39)

Alice tells Irena, referring to a woman in the bar, “She’s probably drunk.” (0:41)

Alice and Oliver share grief at Oliver’s death. (0:45)

Irena tells Paul, “You’re insane.” (0:49)

A police officer tells his dog, “Shut up, idiot.” (0:50)

Detective Brandt tells Alice and Oliver, referring to the police dog, “He went crazy.”
Referring to Paul, ”Gallier's been in and out of psycho wards since he was 12.”
”His folks were carnival people, lion trainers, until they blew their brains out one night.” (0:52)

Paul meets Billie in a cemetery. (0:58)

Paul appears to suffer from male erectile dysfunction. Billie tells him, “You’re just a little nervous, that’s all.” (1:01)

Brandt tells Alice and Oliver, referring to Paul and Billie, “He picked her up at a cemetery.” (1:09)

Irena tells Oliver, referring to Paul, “Can't you see I’m going crazy just like him?” (1:10)

Oliver asks zoo worker Bill, “What, are you out of your mind?” (1:12)

Alice tells Oliver, “I've seen you obsessed before, not like this.” (1:13)

Paul turns into a leopard. (1:17)

Irena cries out as she realizes Paul has died. (1:20)

Irena turns into a leopard. (1:41)

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