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Alan Arkin, Martin Sheen, Richard Benjamin, Art Garfunkel, Jack Gilford, Buck Henry, Bob Newhart, Anthony Perkins, Jon Voight, Martin Balsam, Paula Prentiss, Orson Welles, Bob Balaban, Susanne Benton, Norman Fell, Seth Allen, Charles Grodin
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One medic tells another medic, referring to bombardier Yossarian, “He’s crazy.” (0:07)

Pilot Nately tells Yossarian, ”You’ve got a persecution complex.” (0:08)

Yossarian tells Doc Daneeka, referring to Col. Cathcart, “Now that sadistic nut’s raised the number up to 50.”
”Can you ground somebody who’s crazy?”
Daneeka: ”The rules say I have to ground anyone who 's crazy.”
”I'm crazy!”
Yossarian asks pilot Orr, “Am I crazy?”
Orr: “He's crazy. He won't fly with me... He's crazy, all right.”
Yossarian: “They all say I'm crazy.”
Daneeka: “They're crazy.”
Yossarian: “Because they're crazy.”
Daneeka: “Of course they're crazy, and you can't let crazy people decide whether you're crazy or not.”
Yossarian: “Is Orr crazy?”
Daneeka: “He has to be crazy to keep flying after all the close calls he’s had.”
“Catch-22: Anyone who wants to get out of combat isn't really crazy, so I can't ground him.”
Yossarian: “In order to be grounded, I've got to be crazy, and I must be crazy to keep flying. But if I ask to be grounded, that means I'm not crazy anymore, and I have to keep flying.” (0:09)

Lt. Colonel Korn asks chaplain Tappman, “You haven’t had any ecstatic visions or anything like... Didn't see a burning bush, hear any voices or anything like that, did you?” (0:33)

His girlfriend Luciana tells Yossarian, “You’re crazy!” (0:57)

Yossarian tells injured gunner Snowden, “I’ll get you some morphine.” (0:59)

Pilot McWatt flies his plane into a cliff. Suicide? (1:04)

Funeral for Snowden. (1:04)

Luciana tells , “You’re crazy.”
Yossarian: “Why am I crazy?”
Luciana: “Because you’re crazy.”
Yossarian: ”Why am I crazy?”
”You won't marry me because I'm crazy, and you say I'm crazy because I wanna marry you?”
”No, because you're crazy!”
Luciana: “You're crazy!”
Yossarian: “You're crazy.” (1:08)

An old man at a brothel tells Nately, “You’re all crazy!
Nately: “Why are we crazy?” (1:09)

Nately tells the old man, “You talk like a madman.” (1:12)

Nately tells Yossarian, referring to Col. Cathcart, “He’s mad.” (1:14)

Pilot Orr tells Yossarian, “They’re crazy.”
”You’re crazy.” (1:17)

Yossarian asks Daneeka, “You can fill out a slip saying I'm on the verge of a verge of a nervous collapse and send it to group, can’t you?” (1:19)

Harvey’s brother tells his parents, referring to Yossarian, “He must be getting delirious.” (1:22)

Yossarian asks Dobbs, “Are you crazy?”
Dobbs tells Nately and Yossarian, “It’s the first sane thing I’ve ever done.”
”You’re crazy, crazy.”
”What the hell do you care you crazy bastard?” (1:25)

Yossarian tells Nately’s girlfriend he’s dead. She rages with grief. (1:41)

Yossarian asks the navigator, “Aarf, are you insane?” (1:46)

Flight Operations Officer Major Danby tells Yossarian, “That's insane.”
Yossarian: ”McWatt killed himself.” (1:56)

Danby and Tappman yell out the window at Yossarian, “Are you crazy? Is he crazy?”
Danby: ”This is insane.” (1:58)

Reference in Chinese Puzzle