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Central Station

Fernanda Montenegro, Marília Pêra, Vinicius De Oliveira, Soia Lira, Othon Bastos, Otávio Augusto, Stela Freitas, Matheus Nachtergaele, Caio Junqueira
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Letter writer and retired teacher Dora tells her retired teacher friend Irene about the contents of a letter she wrote for a woman at the train station: "She says the boy wants to meet his father, a drunkard."
"He's a drunkard and used to beat her."
"Better than living with a drunk who'll beat him." (0:06)

A bus kills Ana as her son Josué watches. The young orphan is grief stricken. (0:11)

Dora tells Irene and Josué, referring to their fathers, "Yeah, and they were drunkards too."
Dora asks Josué, "Are you crazy?" (0:23)

Dora tells Irene, "If he is, say something crazy." (0:35)

Dora tells Josué, referring to her own mother, "She died when I was your age." (0:41)

A passenger shouts, referring to Josué, "The kids... drunk!"
"You drunkard!"
"The old bag's drunk!"
Dora tells Josué, "You'll end up a drunk like your father." (0:42)

Dora tells Josué, "Your father was a drunkard, boy. Know what that is, a drunkard?.." (0:51)

Dora faints. (1:14)

Voice over a loudspeaker: "This commerce here, this madman's fair, is the fair of the devil..." (1:15)