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Certain Women

CastLaura Dern, Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams, Lily Gladstone, James Le Gros, Jared Harris
Year released2016
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Laura tells deputy Tommy, "You wrote a report for a child custody case of mine. The defendant instructed me to consume feces. Hey, is this a sane thing to be doing?" 
Another deputy: ”... Just try to be compassionate.” (0:18)

Laura reads to her client William “Will” Fuller from his file, "Negligence will not sustain an independent cause of action... tort... Mr. Fuller’s own contributory negligence... alcohol on his breath... break skulls like his was broken... " (0:24)

Tommy tells Sheriff Rowles, referring to Fuller, "Before he fell on his head" (0:26)

Laura reads to Will: "... despite your lingering double vision, memory loss and fainting spells..." 
”... we can gen up a mental defense...” (0:26)

Her husband Ryan tells Gina Lewis, referring to the coyotes, "Crazy." (0:35)

Gina answers Ryan, referring to their relationship with their daughter Guthrie, "Making me the bad guy, always." (0:42)

Their friend Albert tells Gina and Ryan, "... I banged my head." 
Referring to his brother: ”He’s dead now.” (0:44)

Law teacher Beth Travis: "... That procedure is referred to as due process. The same with a criminal defendant being entitled to due process..." (1:00)

Beth asks horse caretaker Jamie, "I make a fool of myself?" (1:03)

Beth: "The court said that was unconstitutional for it violated their due process and their freedom of speech." (1:09)

Beth tells Jamie, "... I’m a lawyer with a wonderful job, driving all the way to Belfry every fifteen minutes until I lose my mind." (1:17)

Will tells Laura, referring to his wife, "After I stopped working and started getting crazy, she got a pen pal..." (1:37)

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