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CastAngelina Jolie, Colm Feore, Denis O'Hare
Year released2008
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Dr. Earl W. Tarr tells telephone company supervisor Christine, referring to a found boy, “Now, statements like that will hardly help the boy’s self-esteem, now will they?”
”We’ve known for some time that trauma can affect the growth of children. Given the stress of the past five months, his spine may have actually shrunk.”
”Must’ve been quite traumatic at the time, however. No wonder he’s submerged the memory.”
”A mother’s heart, driven by intuition and emotion, sees the changes and rebels...“ (0:30)

Christine reads a newspaper article: “Dr. Earl W. Tarr examined Walter Collins to determine the cause of his... confusion...” (0:37)

Police Capt. Jones asks Christine, “You a derelict mother or just plain nuts?”
He tells the matron and a policeman, ”You are to convey the prisoner to the... psychopathic ward.”
”She suffers from paranoia, delusions of persecution and dislocation from reality... recommend that she be conveyed to the psychopathic ward until her senses can be restored.” (0:47)

The admitting nurse tells Christine, “If you keep it up I’m going to have to put you in a straitjacket.” (0:48)

Christine tells patient Carol, “I’m perfectly sane...”
”The more you try to look sane, the crazier you start to look. If you smile too much, you’re delusional. You’re stifling hysteria, and if you don’t smile, you’re depressed. If you remain neutral, you’re emotionally withdrawn, potentially catatonic.”
”Every once in a while... they just go... nuts... If we’re insane, nobody has to listen to us. I mean who are you going to believe, some crazy woman...?” (0:58)

Sanford Clark experiences flashbacks. (1:01)

Office door: “Jonathan Steel, MD; Psychiatry.”
Steel asks Christine, “Has this been going on... people changing, becoming something other than what they are?” (1:02)

Gordon Northcott tells a kid, “We’ve been looking for you like mad.” (1:09)

By telephone police Det. Ybarra tells Jones, referring to Sanford, “... this kid, he’s scared half out of his mind.” (1:14)

Jones tells Rev. Briegleb, “Mrs. Collins has been placed in protective custody following a mental breakdown.”
”She’s getting the best treatment available.” (1:16)

Steel: “Mrs. Collins, you’re becoming agitated.”
”Orderly, the patient is becoming hysterical.”
”See to it that she is sedated properly.” (1:17)

Hospital staff restrain Carol on a gurney, place a bite block, apply electrode paste, and administer electroconvulsive therapy. (1:18)

Steel tells Christine, “We may have to move on to more strenuous therapies...” (1:25)

Staff prepare Christine for ECT. (1:26)

Christine collapses when she learns that Walter may have been killed. (1:28)

Attorney S.S. Hahn tells Christine, “I lost a daughter to polio five years ago.” (1:34)

Hahn cross examines Jones, referring to Christine, “So what prompted you to send her for psychological evaluation.”
Jones: “It was because of her disturbing behavior that I submitted her for observation to the psychopathic ward...”
Hahn: ”You snap your fingers, and an innocent woman is thrown into the psycho ward.”
”... a police captain can... have her thrown into the psychopathic ward on his own authority.”
”I am holding a carbon copy of the affidavit of insanity that was issued...”
”A woman was thrown into the psychopathic ward without a warrant... she was already in the asylum.” (1:43)

Christine tells her boss Ben, “I put two dollars down on It Happened One Night to win Best Picture... I’m the only person who thinks it has a chance against Cleopatra.” (2:06)

Radio: “The Thin Man, Cleopatra, and It Happened One Night... and the winner is It Happened One Night.” (2:07)

Theater Marquis: “It Happened One Night” (2:15)

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