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Charlie Bartlett

Anton Yelchin, Robert Downey Jr., Hope Davis
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High school student Charlie asks his mother Marilyn, "Have you taken your Klonopin today?" She pours a few pills from a prescription bottle into her hand and washes them down with wine. (0:04)

Charlie meets fellow student Len. How would you diagnose Len? Asperger's? (0:07)

Boys share a joint. (0:07)

Student Murphy encourages another boy holding a bag of unidentified substance, "Just buy it." (0:08)

In session Charlie tells psychiatrist Weathers, "My family has a psychiatrist on call."
Weathers: "Charlie, I'm going to write you a prescription for Ritalin and what I'd like you to do is start taking the low dose, and if after a few days you feel no side effects than I would like to see you start taking the higher dose."
Charlie: "So you think I have ADD?"
Weathers: "We won't know that until the Ritalin helps this concentration problem."
Charlie: "You mean if I take the medicine and it helps me concentrate we'll know I have ADD?" (0:13)

Note from Marilyn, "Ritalin in the bag." Charlie washes it down. (0:19)

Charlie repeatedly takes more Ritalin over several days leading to increased energy. "Activation?" (0:21)

Officer Hansen asks Marilyn, "Now there's no history of drug use whatsoever...?"
Marilyn: "And drug use?"
Hansen: "... it is possible for Ritalin to get you pretty high."
Marilyn: "It is a new medication."
"When I was in college we were dropping tabs of acid."
Weathers: "I never partaking in the illicit drugs myself." (0:22)

Charlie, holding up his prescription bottle of Ritalin, tells Murphy, "Look. I've got 90 pills of Ritalin we could sell at the dance."
"Floods the brain with norepinephrine and dopamine. Gets you high." (0:26)

Student Kip asks Charlie, "Is it true that you can get hold of medication?"
"I'm not totally depressed. I've been having these spells, trouble breathing..."
"It feels like a heart attack. But I'm thinking it's probably mental..."
Charlie: "... I don't know if Ritalin's gonna help you."
Charlie chooses from a shelf of books about psychiatry including DSM-IV TR and begins to study. On one page he reads, "Panic Attack: Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax" (0:31)

Another session with Dr. Weathers: "I get short of breath and dizzy, nausea and blurred vision. Sometimes it feels like a heart attack."
Weathers: "We call that a panic attack."
"I think maybe I'll put you on a low dose of Xanax and Zoloft." (0:31)

Charlie tells Kip, "In everything that I've read there's not one case of anyone dying of a panic attack."
"So the next time you start to feel anxious you just tell yourself, 'Hey, I'm having a panic attack.'" (0:32)

As Murphy counts pills into bottles Charlie writes directions and says, "Murph, start him on 50 mg of Zoloft and a half a milligram of Xanax as needed." (0:33)

Marilyn tells Charlie, "I spoke to Dr. Weathers today. He said you may have not only ADD but a whole battery of psychological disorders that will likely plague you for life." Charlie reads a copy of The American Journal of Psychiatry. (0:33)

Charlie conducts psychotherapy sessions with a series of students in toilet stalls. Student: "All I want to do is drop acid."
Another student: "I'm not saying that I'm gay." (0:34)

Charlie visits a series of psychiatrists.
Charlie tells psychiatrist A, "I feel very productive, and I can't sleep at all. I lose weight, and I'm given to frivolous spending, promiscuity."
Psychiatrist B: "... introduce you to some of the serotonergic antidepressants like Prozac."
Charlie tells psychiatrist C about "feelings of depersonalization, boredom... anger and aggression, irritability, obsessive behaviors..." Charlie describes compulsions. Dr. Kaufmann writes a prescription as do a series of others. (0:35)

Murphy: "We're running a special on Wellbutrin today." (0:36)

In another session Weathers tells Murphy, "Tuth is we sometimes don't know how you youngsters are going to react to these medications." Charlie's T-shirt reads "people like you ARE THE REASON people like me NEED MEDICATION." He says, "Bringing psychiatric drugs and teenagers together is like opening a lemonade stand." (0:37)

Charlie tells Susan, referring to Murphy, "He's bound by a confidentiality agreement."
Susan, referring to her fathter, principal Nathan: "You mean aside the fact that it turned him into a... alcoholic."
"He was plastered, waving his 38 caliber revolver around, threatening to kill himself."
"He... went into treatment..." (0:48)

Charlie tells Susan, "My mom went into a pretty bad depression when he got arrested." (0:57)

Kip says to himself as he types into his computer, "I can't think of any reason to be on this planet... There's just no point in being alive." He swallows a handful of pills. (1:00)

Nathan tells Charlie, "Kip Crombwell overdosed on a handful of sedatives... You might want to thank him for not telling his parents where he got the drugs."
"These medications... have helped a lot of people..." (1:01)

Charlie asks Kip, "Are you still like a suicidal maniac?"
Kip: "So you're not selling drugs anymore?" (1:04)

Kip tells Nathan, "... I'd be considerably less likely to end my life if you said yes." (1:08)

As they poor drugs into the toilet Murphy pleads with Charlie, "Let me keep the Xanax." (1:08)

Charlie announces to students, "I longer be providing medication." (1:09)

More toilet sessions. (1:10)

Nathan tells Susan, pointing to Charlie, "Drug dealer," then pointing to himself, "Dad."
Nathan finds a box of nicotine gum for smoking cessation in the bag Charlie gave his daughter. (1:16)

Nathan is drunk. He tells Charlie, "give me some of that post pubescent psychobabble." Thinking Nathan will shoot himself, Charlie tries to stop him but ends up falling into the swimming pool.
Charlie: "You were going to kill yourself."
Nathan: "I can't kill myself."
"Never attack a drunk guy with a gun." (1:25)

In the school play a character tells Susan, "It'll give you such a high." (1:29)

A sign reads, "Franklin Psychiatric Institute." (1:32)