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Chato's Land

CastCharles Bronson, Jack Palance
Year released1972
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Earl Hooker tells his older brother, "... Jubal... you’re damn crazy..." (0:07)

Jubal smacks Earl in the face.
Jubal: ”... brother Earl, you got some kind of sweet disposition.” (0:28)

Nye Buell: "Jubal, you got more generosity than June." (0:38)

Earl punches Malechie in the face. Malechie butts Earl with his head. (0:41)

Nye tells Quincy Whitmore, "... That’s what you’re doing... sittin’ proud on that horse..." (0:44)

Elias Hooker: "Josh sees that as bad medicine."
Jubal: ”You wouldn't think a grown man would worry about a dog.” (0:49)

Gavin Malechie answers Joshua Everette, "He says they’re beasts and fools..." (1:00)

Martin Hall dies. (1:18)

Jubal Hooker: "I’m thin on patience, Malechie..." (1:33)

Malechie strikes Jubal on the head with a rock. Brady Logan strikes him again. Malechie strikes him one last time. (1:34)

Brady sees Malechie killed. (1:38)

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