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Chelsea on the Rocks

CastVito Acconci, Donald Baechler, Stanley Bard, Sathima Bea Benjamin, Jamie Burke, William S. Burroughs, Ira Cohen, Sherry Cosovic, Quentin Crisp, Walter Cronkite, Robert Crumb, Giancarlo Esposito, Abel Ferrara, Milos Forman, Jerry Garcia
Year released2008
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Woman: "Who was it threw himself out of the window?... came here... to jump out of the sixth floor window... somebody jumped... lot of people killed themselves..." (0:05)

Man: "... girl died of a cocaine overdose."
"... drug dealer on every single floor..." (0:07)

Man: "All he would do is sit there chasing the dragon." (0:08)

Man: "I'm going to... smoke some weed..." (0:14)

Woman: "She is very nervous... thinks people go in her room and inject her... steal her artwork." (0:15)

His girfriend Nancy Spungen tells Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious, "You should get more high and do more drugs..."
Sid: "... insane... insane... insane... Still hear voices darling?" (0:19)

Intoxicated man: "I got a bunch of... Tuinals." (0:21)

Man: "You don't know if it's drugs or..."
"I was at a party with Sid Vicious once where he drank a quart of vodka and then shot up and passed out."
"... and then shot up and took a very big shot of heroin." (0:26)

Reporter, referring to Nancy's death: "... part of a botched double suicide." (0:28)

Man: "... the frustration and the depressions that he goes through..." (0:37)

Man: "The next moment I saw him in a straitjacket... took them to Bellevue Hospital." (0:39)

Man: "I'm scared of heights." He looks over the edge then shrinks back in horror. (0:41)

One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest director Milos Forman: "Joints are past... joints passing." (0:54)

Actor Dennis Hopper: "God knows what kind of disease and drugs." (0:58)

Man, referring to singer Janis Joplin: "She was a bad alcoholic." (1:01)

Man: "The whole bottom of the bag was rolled joints standing up... got through about a third of that joint..." He smokes a joint." (1:04)

Man: "This guy called the cops because one of the guys on the second floor was smoking reefer." (1:14)

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