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Nick Cannon, Wesley Snipes, Teyonah Parris, Jennifer Hudson, Steve Harris, Harry Lennix, D.B. Sweeney, Angela Bassett, John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson
Betty Ford | marijuana
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Lysistrata tells her rapper boyfriend Demetrius “Chi-Raq” Dupree, "Tonight was mad hectic, yo." (0:10)

Irene grieves the death of her daughter Patti. (0:17)

Lysistrata tells her neighbor Helen Worthy, "You sure got mad books."
Helen: ”Like an alcoholic, you take away his booze.” (0:20)

Dolemedes, at meeting of women: "Stop the murder madness, or there would be no more pokes." (0:32)

His girlfriend tells gang leader Sean "Cyclops" Andrews, "Your machismo is really masochismo." (0:33)

Sean “Cyclops” Andrews tells the nightclub owner, "Don't worry about this, Morris."
Morris: ”Sorry man, I'm a little uptight...” (0:36)

Memorial service for Patti
Father Mike Corridan, ”We don't mourn like other people.”
”Patty is gone because gang members are more concerned with popping pills and popping bottles... more concerned with ego, street cred, and greed...” (0:38)

Chi-Raq smokes a joint.
A man tells Chi-Raq, ”I don't wake up everyday to get high.” (0:52)

Father Corridan tells the women, "At first, I thought you were all insane." (0:53)

Dolemedes: "This whole... thing is insane." (1:01)

Pediatrician Dr. Miss Aesop: "God, nature, the higher power..." (1:02)

Lysistrata tails Chi-Raq, "You are crazy like glue." (1:16)

Dolemedes: "The problem with them quiet storm slow jam grooves is everybody gets in the baby-making mood."
Painted on barrel of tank gun: ”PENIS ENVY
Soldier ”It's making me... insane.” (1:24)

A gangster tells Chi-Raq, "See, we just want to check in Betty Ford." (1:26)

Old Duke tells the women, "Don't worry."
Lysistrata: ”You old dudes, you lack insight.”
”Slaves to the madness... stop thinking that this craziness is fun.” (1:31)

Mayor McCloud tells Commissioner Blades, "... you'll be squealing like you were in that movie Deliverance." (1:35)

Chi-Raq smokes a joint.
Corridan: ”Presided over your father’s funeral.” (1:37)

Chi-Raq tells Lysistrata, referring to her eyes, "Like your man Deke say, they hypnotize." (1:45)

McCloud: "New hospitals and mental health facilities will be built by the United States government..." (1:50)