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Fanny Ardant, Marina Hands, Eric Elmosnino, Laurent Stocker, Catherine Hosmalin, Philippe Duquesne, India Hair
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A fashion worker tells executive Hélène, "Our studies show a certain empathy in the 40-45 age group..." (0:10)
Model Gilbert tells Hélène, "I'm nervous." (0:14)
Fashion executive Alan tells Hélène, "I'm just paranoiding then." (0:16)
Fashion designer Alicia tells landscaper Julien, "You're intoxicating me." (0:26)
Julien tells his partner Jean-Guy, "We have to get the money in after what we lost with that mad cow." (0:34)
Alan tells Hélène, "What a crazy idea." (0:53)
Alicia tells Hélène, "Julien's intuition matters to me." (0:56)
Julien asks Hélène, "Obsessive, huh?" (1:01)
Hélène tells Julien, "Bretons are neurotic about pancakes." (1:18)
Hélène tells the doctor, referring to Julien, "He obsesses me... I expected something more insightful from you." (1:22)
Alan asks Hélène, "Are you totally out of your mind?" (1:28)
Hélène tell Alicia that she (Alicia) is "Self-centered."
Hélène tells Alicia that she, herself (Hélène), is, "Self-centered." (1:32)
Alan calls a fashion worker, "Moron." (1:38)