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Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget

CastThandiwe Newton, Zachary Levi, Bella Ramsey, Romesh Ranganathan, David Bradley, Daniel Mays, Jane Horrocks, Imelda Staunton, Lynn Ferguson, Josie Sedgwick-Davies, Peter Serafinowicz, Nick Mohammed, Miranda Richardson
Year released2023
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Rocky narrates with flashback scenes from Chicken Run. (0:00)

Rocky tells his wife Ginger, "... don’t you worry." (0:02)

Ginger tells her daughter, "It’s nothing to worry about, Molly..." (0:09)

Rocky: "Don’t worry..." (0:10)

Babs: "I’m fray-phobic." (0:11)

Ginger awakens from a nightmare. (0:16)

Bunty: “We mustn’t panic. No. No panicking." 
Fowler: ”It’s a perfect time to panic...” 
Bunty: ”No panicking. No, I said no panicking.” 
Babs faints. (0:23)

Chicken with electronic collars exhibit mindless, euphoric behavior as they enter the processing machine. (0:32)

Fowler tells the snail, "I reckon they think I’m... some rambling old rooster who’s easily distracted." (0:38)

Fletcher: "Nick, uh, I don’t want to worry you..." (0:39)

Frizzle's behavior changes after application of a happy collar. (0:42)

Molly: "... I’m brave." (0:43)

Narrator of film: "... Like any simple-minded creature, its natural instincts when faced with processing, is fear and panic..." (0:47)

Mrs. Melisha Tweedy tells Reginald Smith, referring to her second husband Dr. Fry, "... he’s a genius.. with degrees... in clinical neurology, behavioral psychology..." (0:50)

Flashbacks from Chicken Run (0:55)

Babs faints. (0:56)

Ginger with happy collar fails to recognize Molly. (0:59)

Air vent grating strikes a guard on the head rendering him unconscious. (1:01)

The guard regains consciousness. (1:03)

Nick answers Rocky, "Yeah, you and a raving lunatic..." (1:07)

Rocky: "... Now let’s fly this crazy coop..." (1:09)

Tweedy strikes a guard with an opening door, rendering him unconscious. (1:11)

By radio, Tweedy tells Fry, "Get on with it, you idiot." (1:13)

Her own ax strikes Tweedy in the head. (1:21)

Smith: "What kind of crazy hen house is this?" (1:22)

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