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Chinese Puzzle

Romain Duris, Audrey Tautou, Cécile De France, Kelly Reilly, Sandrine Holt, Sharrieff Pugh, Peter McRobbie, Jason Kravits, Peter Hermann, Benoît Jacquot
crack cocaine
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Writer Wendy asks her writer husband Xavier, “Are you crazy?”
”You know I take jobs sometimes because they’re idiotic...” (0:07)

Xavier tells his editor Jean-Claude, referring to his friend Isabelle, “She’s crazy about my kids and wanted some herself.” (0:09)

One model asks another, “Are you crazy?” (0:12)

Xavier asks Wendy, “Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind?” (0:15)

Isabelle’s partner Ju tells Xavier, “The rents are insane in Manhattan.” (0:24)

Xavier: “If your English isn’t impeccable you quickly begin to feel like some sort of retard... Maybe I’m being paranoid...” (0:28)

Xavier tells Isabelle, “Sorry, but this is making me crazy.” (0:31)

Xavier tells Ju and Isabelle, “Rents are insane.” (0:37)

Ju tells Xavier, referring to Wendy, “You can imagine at first the idea of it freaked her out.” (0:39)

His lawyer tells Xavier, “It’s a Catch 22.” (0:44)

Xavier: “Pinned to the ground, you see that new York’s obsession is the sky... The skin of a tattoo, body-piercing, crack, scarification junkie.” (0:49)

Xavier tells Martine, “You really are a nut job.” (0:55)

Martine tells Xavier, “I’ve obsessed about this meeting for months.” (0:56)

Wendy tells Xavier, “... I’m not crazy about it...” 
Xavier: “... and that I clearly wasn’t crazy about her coming to my wedding...” (1:07)

Isabelle tells Xavier, referring to sitter Isabelle, “She’s crazy about me.” (1:25)

Xavier: “I fell madly in love...” (1:28)

Martine tells Xavier, “I knew it would freak you out if I said that.” (1:30)

Wendy, referring to Xavier, “If she’s not sweet, if she’s too tough like, he’ll freak out.” (1:45)

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