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Christine (2016)

Rebecca Hall, Michael C. Hall, Tracy Letts, Maria Dizzia, J. Smith-Cameron, Timothy Simons, Kim Shaw, John Cullum
Christine Chubbuck | cocaine | marijuana | trazodone
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Television reporter Christine rehearses an interview: “Is it paranoia, if indeed everyone is coming after you?” (0:01)

Christine tells coworker Jean, “Yeah, it’s just stress.” (0:02)

Her boss Mike asks Christine, “What is with this zoning obsession of yours?” (0:04)

Christine tells nurse Miranda, referring to abdominal pain, “Well, it’s probably just stress anyway.” (0:11)

Christine tells her mother Peg, referring to her drive, “It was crazy-making.” (0:11)

Christine tells Dr. Parsons the pain is “Probably just stress.” (0:17)

Christine tells a couple dining, “You must think I’m crazy.” (0:19)

Weather reporter Steve asks Christine, “Are you freaking out? I am freaking out.” (0:23)

Jean tells Christine, “It’s crazy, right?” (0:24)

Anchorman George tells Christine, “Everybody is freaked out about it.” (0:25)

Mike tells Christine, “They’re doing a series on fat people... people addicted to junk food... They’re trying shock therapy now.” (0:28)

A woman tells Christine, referring to a man they pass, “He’s on the damn drunk.” (0:31)

Peg tells another woman, “She’s paranoid and crazy, right?” (0:33)

Christine tells Peg, “You’re smoking pot out there.”
Peg: “This isn’t the start of one of your moods, is it?”
Christine: “Moods?” (0:33)

Christine hears a policeman on the scanner: “I’m going out of my... mind here.” (0:37)

Christine on the air: “A man driven back into a burning house by a primal need to feed an addiction.” (0:40)

Policeman on scanner: “He’s crazy.” (0:50)

Christine tells Parsons, “I thought it was just stressed. Is it from stress?”
”Well, I have been stressed.”
Parsons: “You know, if you’re stressed, we can give you something for that.”
”I have in your chart you used to take trazodone as an antidepressant.” (0:51)

Christine: “You know, Mike, just because your wife has a drinking problem...” (1:06)

Christine complains to Peg about “Our house, that I pay all the rent on, while she stays at home and smokes pot.”
Peg: “You have these moods, baby.” (1:09)

George tells Christine, “You know, if you’d told me a year ago that I would be sitting down for a one on one dinner with Christine Chubbuck, I would have told you you were crazy.” (1:19)

George tells Christine, “Not a lot of people know this, but I got really into cocaine.”
”We call it TA. It’s short for Transactional Analysis. It’s sort of like group therapy.” (1:22)

Christine and George arrive for a TA group. The leader welcomes them: “We’re just about to start a round of ‘Yes, but’.”
Crystal tells Christine, “We’re gonna play a little exercise called ‘Yes, but’... come up with a solution to that problem, and then we’ll counter that by saying,’Yes, but’.” (1:23)

George tells Christine, “Once you’ve learned your life-script, it really just becomes okay.” (1:27)

Christine tells station owner Bob, referring to anchor on television, “That seems like a tic, but...” (1:32)

Christine on the air: “Now, in keeping with the WZRB policy of presenting the most immediate, and complete reports of local blood and guts, TV 30 presents what is believed to be a television first, in living color and exclusive coverage, of an attempted suicide.”
Christine places the muzzle of a revolver against her head and fires.(1:46)

Anchor Walter Cronkite: “... shot herself in the head while the program was on the air...” (1:48)

Mike watches playback of the suicide. (1:49)

Television news anchor: “She pulled a gun from a shopping bag and shot herself in the head.” (1:49)