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Ciao! Manhattan

Edie Sedgwick, Wesley Hayes, Isabel Jewell, Jeff Briggs, Paul America, Tom Flye, Gabriel Lampa, Pat Hartley, Viva, Roger Vadim, Allen Ginsberg, Baby Jane Holzer, Brigid Berlin
Edie Sedgwick | amobarbital-secobarbital | Tuinal | amphetamine | chlorpromazine | Thorazine | cocaine | dextroamphetamine | Dexedrine | heroin | lysergic acid diethylamide | methamphetamine | Desoxyn | Methedrine | pentobarbital | Nembutal | psilocybin | Reiter Electrostimulator
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A surfer asks vagabond Butch, "Want to buy some psilocybin?"
Butch (to himself): "Psilocybin."
Butch stops to pick up intoxicated model Susan. (0:02)

On the telephone Susan's mother tells Dr. Brown, "I would be amenable to anything that will distract her from her neurotic needs..." (0:05)

Susan tells Butch she "had to sell all... for money for drugs." (0:12)

Susan tells Butch, referring to her brother, "Blimpie had a cough like this when he hanged himself." (0:14)

Susan's "Mummy" tells helper Geoffrey about "Those barbarians..." on a "twelve Tuinals a day plan..." (0:17)

Susan askss Butch if he means "Methedrine?"
"Meth burns your brain cells out..."
"I remember Mummy used to give me Nembutal..."
"I got hooked on speed at the "factory"... and then I had my little interlude with heroin for eight months to get off speed."
(Referring to dealer Paul) "He used to deal vast quantities of speed... I think drugs are like..."
Paul: "drugs..."
Susan and Paul snort cocaine.
Susan describes her feelings for Paul: "sexual addiction... aberation brought about by drugs..."
Susan: "Speed is the ultimate all-time high... superlative high..."
(referring to Paul) "I don't know if it's because he took so much acid..." (0:19)

Susan tells Butch, referring to her Wesley's lighter, "He gave it to me just before he committed suicide."
(Referring to her father) "He'd be a little drunk."
"... he punched me... beat me up..." (0:23)

Susan, talking to herself: "strange place to stash drugs... Maybe I could find someone to buy Mario's stash."
Susan asks her friend Yoli, "Did you get the stash?" (0:28)

A man snorts a sample from a box held by Susan: "Cocaine!"
Yoli: "Cocaine?"
Voice: "He shot the... cocaine."
"Methamphetamine..." (0:31)

Dr. Robert prepares a syringe.
Unidentified voice: "5 cc's dextroamphetamine sulfate."
Dr. Robert injects Yoli, then Susan." (0:33)

Mr. Verdecchio tells Mario a "girl just barged in on Charla all hopped up on narcotics." (0:35)

On the telephone Wes asks Paul, "How about some Coke?"
Paul: "Cocaine?"
"He's bought himself and to the board of every pharmaceutical house in the world." (0:36)

On the telephone Susan tells magazine editor Diana, "I'm very depressed."
Diana: "Is it drugs or money?"
Susan: "Paul and his speed freak friend stole my passport..." (0:39)

Geoffrey tells Butch, "Man, that chick used to like to get high." (0:42)
"last stop before lobotomy."
"the time she was highest."
(Referring to Mummy): "The old bag over there's the grieving widow." (0:42)

Susan tells Butch, "I got my first introduction to heavy drugs at the factory."
Geoffrey: "Heavy drugs and..."
Geoffrey tells Butch about "... medication... 100 mils of Thorazine... 68 Nembutal..." (0:47)

Susan tells Butch and Geoffrey about Dr. Robert's "... Vitamin shots... lots of Methedrine." (0:49)

Brigid: "They think they know how to get high... Speed? What's speed mean?"
"Well, if you look up what Dexedrine is you can call it amphetamine... Dexedrine is dextroamphetamine sulfate. Desoxyn is methamphetamine... Methedrine is methamphetamine... just my amphetamine." She injects herself. (0:50)

Brigid: "You can get the pure crystal that looks like snow..."
"... given them the first ups they'd ever had." (0:56)

Susan tells Butch, "Then you'd just be... stoned." (1:00)

An attorney tells Tom, "They have him on three narcotics counts."
"It's not dope that's his problem." (1:11)

Paul tells Tom, "I got that in the nut house when they gave me a shock treatment that wiped out my brain so I couldn't even remember my name for two weeks." (1:14)

Hands place a bite block in Susan's mouth as she lies on a stretcher. Another set of hands adjusts the settings on an electroconvulsive therapy device.
Butch says they "... act like psychiatrists..."
Headband electrodes on Susan's head.
"... encephalographs or something..." (1:22)

Susan in a grand mal seizure.
Shot of electroconvulsive therapy device: "Reiter Electrostimulator." (1:24)