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Cinema Paradiso

CastPhilippe Noiret, Jacques Perrin, Leopoldo Trieste, Marco Leonardi, Agnese Nano, Salvatore Cascio
Year released1988
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His girlfriend tells movie director Salvatore di Vita, referring to his mother Maria, "... she said someone’s died, someone called Alfredo. The funeral is tomorrow." (0:05)

Screening of Verso La Vita (0:09)

Poster: Casablanca (0:12)

Their teacher bangs a student’s head against the blackboard before beating him with a stick. (0:16)

Stagecoach; La Terra Trema; The Knockout (0:18)

A man tells Don Vincenzo, "Don’t you worry..." (0:23)

Poster: "La Terra Trema"
Man leaving theater: ”Idiot.” (0:23)

Maria slaps Salvatore. (0:24)

Funeral procession (0:26)

Projectionist Alfredo tells Salvatore, "I choose my friends for their looks and my enemies for their intelligence." (0:27)

Maria slaps Salvatore.
Maria tells Alfredo, referring to Salvatore, ”He’s mad.”
Salvatore tells Maria, referring to Salvatore’s father, ”He’s dead.” (0:28)

Alfredo tells Salvatore, "It takes an imbecile like me."
”You’re mad.” (0:33)

A man in the square appears to faint. (0:35)

The  village idiot displays inappropriate affect.
Poster: "Freccia Nera" [The Black Arrow] (0:36)

In the Name of the Law (0:40)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (0:41)

Photo of Rita Hayworth (0:42)

Poster: Gone with the Wind (0:45, 0:46)

March of the Wooden Soldiers (0:46)

Posters: The Firemen of Viggiù (0:47, 0:51)

Alfredo tells Salvatore, "The great Spencer Tracy said it in Fury." (0:48)

Mambo (0:57)

...And God Created Woman (1:03)

Photo of Marilyn Monroe on wall (1:03)

Alfredo tells Salvatore, "It was John Wayne in The Shepherd of the Hills." (1:08)

A man in the audience predicts the script: "... How I've dreamed of it."
Character: "How I've dreamed of it."
The village idiot pushes through the crowd. (1:15)

Poster: Chains (1:17)

Projectionist: "They’re going mad." (1:17)

Elena writes to Salvatore: "... but don’t worry." (1:30)

Ulysses (1:30)

Theater owner Spaccafico tells Salvatore, "... Don’t worry." (1:33)

Salvatore asks Alfredo, "Who said that, Gary Cooper, James Stewart, Henry Fonda?" (1:38)

Maria tells Salvatore, "You've time to rest before the funeral." (1:43)

Funeral procession for Alfredo (1:44)

Kissing scenes: It’s a Wonderful Life, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Casablanca... (1:58)

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