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City of God

Alexandre Rodrigues, Leandro Firmino, Jonathan Haagensen, Phellipe Haagensen, Douglas Silva, Daniel Zettel, Seu Jorge, Matheus Nachtergaele
marijuana | cocaine
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Goose asks Li'l Zé, “Are you nuts?”
Boy: ”He gets high and starts talking bullshit.”
Boy: ”Two junkies aren’t worth half as much as that kid.”
Li'l Zé tokes a joint. (0:09)

Melonhead asks another policeman, “Are you crazy?” (0:16)

Bernice tells Shaggy, “You fidgeting behind me makes me nervous.” (0:21)

Shaggy tells Bernice, “You know all I want is to... grow pot and get high.” He smokes a joint. (0:24)

Goose tells Li'l Zé, “You’re... loaded.” (0:29)

Rocket: “Angélica, I was crazy about her.” (0:34)

Rocket: “I need a joint.”
Tiago: ”Instead of smoking, man, you should snort coke.”
Angélica: “You snort Tiago? I prefer a good toke.”
Tiago: “But the choice stuff is coke. That’s a real ‘nercotic’ [sic]”
Rocket & Angélica in unison: “Narcotic.”
Rocket tells Angélica, ”If you like, I can get you a joint at Blacky’s.“ (0:35)

Rocket, referring to Angélica: “Buy her pot, coke.”
Blacky, toking a joint: “You want to buy, or smoke a joint?” (0:36)

Donna Zelia began selling drugs here... She also gave away drugs... Big Boy used the neighborhood kids as dealers.”
Blacky asks big boy, “What about my pot?”
Rocket: ”The best dealer was Carrot.”
Carrot tells his friend Aristotle, “Here’s the dope.”
Rocket: ”Carrot gave it to his most trusted dealer.” (0:37)

Benny smokes a joint.
Li'l Zé tells Benny, “They’re all dealers.”
”Especially in selling coke.” (0:43)

Li'l Zé tells Rocket, “Tell everyone that ... we’ll be selling coke.”
Benny, smoking a joint: “Cocaine.” (0:47)

Rocket: “Selling drugs is like any other business.”
Drug packaging operation. “Pot is wrapped up in lids, cocaine is put into packets, and then into bundles of 10 or 100. You can even make a career in selling drugs... Later you become a dealer or vapor... The playboys felt safe buying their drugs there. The city teemed with addicts... If dealing were legal...”
Benny lights a joint. “Whenever I wanted to smoke a joint I had to go see Carrot.” He asks for “Half a lid.”
”I only smoked with Angélica.” (0:47)

Rocket shares a joint with Angélica.
Boy: “Can I have a toke?”
”Your joint, man.” (0:50)

Blacky smokes a joint. Rocket: “After Angélica left him Tigao began snorting more and more.”
”When a guy is really hooked, he ends up in the hands of the dealer.” (0:51)

Benny and Tiago snort cocaine. (0:54)

Rocket, referring to Benny, “He gave away pot... Li'l Zé... has one obsession...” (0:56)

One boy tells another, “You’re crazy, man.”
”Drugs are where it’s at.”
”Yeah, selling drugs.” (0:59)

His friend asks Rocket, “Are you nuts?” (1:04)

The driver asks Rocket and his friend, “Tell me, do you also like pot?”
Rocket rolls a joint. (1:08)

Benny snorts cocaine. (1:09)

Angélica and Benny share a joint. (1:11)

Benny tells Li'l Zé, “I’m gonna go live on a farm, smoke pot, listen to rock.” (1:14)

A young man asks Benny, “This camera for a bag of coke?” (1:16)

Benny asks Li'l Zé, “Are you crazy?”
When Blacky shoots Benny Angélica, then Li'l Zé, grieve. (1:18)

Gelson’s family grieves his death. (1:25)

Tiago: “Steak, where’re all the dealers?”
Steak: “Li'l Zé is in a bad mood.”
Tiago: “They get us hooked and then they go off and hide... Go get some nose candy for me.”
”To keep my buzz going.” (1:28)

Knockout Ned tells Carrot, “Drugs aren’t my thing.”
Ned asks Steak, ”Can’t you see that you’re wrecking your life with that maniac...? Are you crazy?”
Steak: “I smoke, snort.” (1:29)

Ned recalls Steak’s words: “Smoke, snort.” (1:38)

Li'l Zé snorts cocaine from a mirror. (1:40)

Journalist Marina offers Rocket “A joint.” (1:48)