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Claire's Knee

Aurora Cornu, Béatrice Romand , Jean-Claude Brialy, Fabrice Luchini, Gerard Falconetti, Laurence de Monaghan
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Diplomat Jerôme tells his novelist friend Aurora, referring to a picture of Don Quixote, “The bellows create the illusion of wind...” (0:07)

Aurora tells Jerôme,“The gentleman repeats the little game three or four times, and from this first folly he descends ever closer to the edge of madness.” (0:13)

Jerôme tells Aurora and young Laura, “What depresses me is to be back where I grew up.” (0:20)

Jerôme tells young Laura, “If everything one person liked upset the other, it would be crazy to live together, no? (0:39)

Laura tells Jerôme, “Because I’m really crazy... I could easily be crazy. For now, I’m among the sane, but one tiny step and I could join the crazies.”
Jerôme, referring to Laura’s half sister: ”So Claire’s crazier than you?”
Laura: “It’s an instinctive reaction.”
”It’s instinctive, I tell you.” (0:43)

Laura tells Jerôme and her friend Vincent, “He’s nuts.” (0:54)

Aurora tells Jerôme, “But since it was a matter of ego, and ego is quickly satisfied, in this area, at least, I prefer to wait.” (1:05)

Claires' boyfriend Gilles tells Jerôme, referring to the camp director, “That guy is completely nuts.” (1:18)

Jerôme tells Laura, “You’re crazy.” (1:22)

Jerôme tells Aurora, referring to Claire, “On the other, I’m no longer obsessed with the girl’s body.” (1:40)