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Christina Fougnie, Jefferson Moore, Keith McGill
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Her mother Gina, drunk, hits young Clancy. (0:03)

Mayor Robert Trinkle: “Now I hired you morons to do PR...”
Idiots.” (0:07)

Gina’s neighbor Mrs. Dabney tells another neighbor, referring to the police and Gina, “I told them... how that woman stays loaded all the time.” (0:11)

Police Chief Payne tells patrolman Avery Marshall, “I wonder if it’s this crackhead’s kid.”
Payne asks Trinkle, “Have you lost your mind?”
”You know this is insane.”
Trinkle answers Tom: “From a hardened psychotic kidnapper.” (0:26)

Payne tells homeless Nick Best, referring to Gina, “Mother’s a drug addict.” (0:32)

A loan shark tells Nick, “You messed up bad this time, psycho.” (0:38)

Nick asks Clancy, referring to Gina, “Even when she hits you and burns you with cigarettes?” (1:04)

Trinkle tells Payne, referring to Nick, “I thought Marshall said he wasn’t deranged.” (1:15)

Trinkle tells the SWAT team commander, referring to Nick, “At the same time, you’re not to take any chances with what that maniac might do to that girl if he were to get skittish...” (1:28)

Avery tells Nick, “Her mother is drying out in rehab.” (1:35)

Nick collapses when he learns that Clancy has died. (1:46)

Nick lays flowers at Clancy’s grave. (1:51)