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Claudette Colbert, Warren William, Henry Wilcoxon, Joseph Schildkraut, Ian Keith, Gertrude Michael, C. Aubrey Smith, Irving Pichel, Arthur Hohl, Edwin Maxwell, Ian Maclaren
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Octavian tells Marc Antony, referring to Julius Caesar, “He’s drunk with Egypt, and he’s deserting us.” (0:26)

Cleopatra grieves the death of Caesar. (0:39)

Marc Antony corrects Cleopatra’s servant Charmion, referring to his men, “You mean a little drunk.” (0:46)

Marc Antony tells Cleopatra, “I should want to go out and get drunk with a lot of men.” (1:05)

King Herod tells Marc Antony, “My friend, when a man is drunk with love, he can’t divide his concentration...”
Marc Antony, referring to Cleopatra: “I’m m#ad about her.” (1:08)

A prisoner tells Cleopatra, “I killed my wife and child while I was drunk.” (1:11)

Cleopatra tells Marc Antony, referring to him, “He is in a strange mood tonight.” (1:13)

Cleopatra finds Marc Antony has mortally wounded himself. He dies in her arms. (1:34)

Cleopatra uses an asp’s venomous bite to kill herself in front of her servants Iras and Charmion. (1:37)

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