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Cleopatra (1963)

Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Rex Harrison, Pamela Brown, George Cole, Hume Cronyn, Cesare Danova, Kenneth Haigh, Andrew Keir, Martin Landau, Roddy McDowall
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Emperor Julius Caesar tells Queen Cleopatra, “I seem to remember some mention of an obsession you have about your divinity.” (0:22)

Caesar tells officer Rufio, “I have an instinct about these things.” (0:25)

Caesar tells Cleopatra, “You, the descendant of generations of inbred, incestuous mental defectives...”
”Daughter of an idiotic flute-playing drunkard who bribed his way to the throne of Egypt.” (0:40)

Theodotus tells Cleopatra’s brother Pharaoh Ptolemy, “Stop grinning, you little idiot.” (0:49)

Narrator, referring to the Roman Senator: “Cassius was the first to die, by his own hand.” (1:54)

Roman general Mark Antony tells Rufio, “Octavian depresses me.” (1:56)

Octavian tells Germanicus, “Commit to memory the last request of your beloved Antony.“ (2:54)

Apollodorus tells Antony, referring to Cleopatra, “She’s afraid you might... harm yourself.” (3:14)

Cleopatra tells Antony, “Until now it has just been a part of your being drunk...” (3:21)

Trying to kill himself, Antony stabs himself with his sword but does not die immediately. He tells Apollodorus, “I beg you to finish me.” (3:45)

Antony dies in Cleopatra’s arms. (3:49)

Octavian finds a bottle of poison next to the body of Apollodorus.” (3:50)

Cleopatra: “Octavian, when I am ready to die, I will die.” (3:54)

Cleopatra allows a snake to bite her. (3:59)

Also bitten by the snake, Cleopatra’s servant Charmion falls dead next to servant Iras. (4:01)

Reference in Big Stone Gap