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Homophobic rugby coach Félix asks the photographer, "Were you drunk?" (0:04)

Is accountant François preparing to jump to his death in a suicide attempt? His new neighbor Jean-Pierre stops him. (0:08)

Jean-Pierre tells François, "I used to be an industrial psychologist."
"Flattery's a no-no for depressives." (0:12)

Factory director Kopel asks Félix, "Where do you go, the park to hunt drag queens?" (0:18)

Jean-Pierre tells François, "Then you -- suicidal, unemployed -- appear." (0:22)

Félix tells coworker Guillaume, "Damn your paranoia." (0:29)

François' coworker Suzanne tells their boss, Mademoiselle Bertrand, "Bastard's a pedophile, too." (0:32) 

Félix, referring to his wife Agnes: "She's nuts." (0:48)

François' tells Jean-Pierre, referring to Félix, "He went berserk."
"He's in the hospital with a nervous breakdown." (0:58)

François' son Franck lights a joint then shares it with his father. (1:02)

François' wife Christine asks him, "Are you drunk?" (1:03)

Félix, in a psychiatric hospital, tells François, "I started a team here but the depressives were to weepy." (1:08)

François tells Christine, "I saw shrinks who said I was an obsessive-compulsive."
"I choked in my obsessive period."
(referring to Franck) "We smoked a joint together."
"Hash. It was good stuff." (1:16)